The Helping Hand Program

As our day-to-day life continues to change due to COVID-19, more communities have called for increased social distancing and ‘work from home’ seems to be becoming the new normal for at least a couple more months.

Whatfix is aware of the ever-pressing need for you to support your workforce virtually and the importance of effectively adopting software with solutions that foster in-app, on-demand learning to ensure business continuity.

In order to help you restore stability to your operations, Whatfix is happy to announce our Helping Hand initiative to aid our customers in getting through these trying times by providing the best possible support for your remote workforce.

We hope this will help you in your efforts to ensure the safety and productivity of your workforce and customers. We’re all in this together.


What Is The Helping Hand Initiative?

The Whatfix Helping Hand initiative supports our customers’ ever-pressing need to onboard, train and ensure workforce productivity virtually during the COVID-19 crisis by offering business continuity solutions at no cost.


How to Use Whatfix to Make Your WFH Policy a Success

The Whatfix digital adoption platform (DAP) can be deployed on top of any application to serve multiple use cases to ensure users are more productive, well-engaged, and avoid challenges in navigating software applications while performing routine tasks.

Every organization has a resource center where all the tools and guides are hosted. Through this initiative, we also want to enable organizations to guide the users to the resources, so they can make the best out of them while working from home.

Here are a few ways we can help make your ‘Work From Home’ policy a success with Whatfix:

Use Case 1 – Service Disruption Notifications

How is this useful? As soon as a user logs in to any of the applications that has Whatfix deployed on it, a Smart Popup would provide a warning message to the users upon login into the application. A Smart Tip, on the other hand, would show as soon as the user hovers the mouse on the Helpline number or help icon.



Use Case 2 – Additional Assistance Notifications

How is this useful? As soon as a user logs in to any of the applications, the Smart Popup would provide a warning message to the users upon login into the application. Additional Support helpline number or ticketing system would be available as the first item in the Self Help tool.


Use Case 3 – Work From Home Resource Guide / Self-Help

How is this useful? As soon as the user logs in to any of the application that has Whatfix deployed on it, a popup can notify the user of the resource repository location and also the user can reach there with a single click. The popup can notify the users of the resource repository and can also guide the user on how to navigate to the same.


Use Case 4 – Work from Home Health Tips & Checklist

How is this useful? – A popup would show to the user at a regular interval suggesting tips that would help them keep themselves healthy while working from home.

We find ourselves in extraordinarily difficult times requiring us to manage our remote teams and customers differently. Whatfix is here to extend a helping hand to our valuable customers to help you through this crisis.

If you want to learn more about our new initiative, please reach out to [email protected].