The Whatfix Innovation Awards 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Whatfix Innovation Awards, celebrating customers driving change with modern, creative approaches to digital adoption.

We’re excited to announce the award winners and runners-up in each category. Please join us in congratulating each one for their inspiring commitment to driving transformational impact through digital adoption.

Whatfix Awards

Above: The trophies presented to all Whatfix Innovation Award winners and runner-ups in 2022.

Innovator of the Year Award Winner: Intuit

When it comes to DAP innovation, Intuit has intuition. A forward-thinking DAP deployment is helping this global financial technology platform provider re-imagine the way people learn and adopt Salesforce and other applications.

The innovations include:

  • No case pop: Up to 10% of contacts are a ‘no case pop’, which requires Intuit experts to search a contact manually or create a new case. Whatfix automates this case process and has been used more than 10,000 times.
  • Customer keyword search: Cases with keywords such as ‘crypto’ and ‘bitcoin’ are supported with additional information via an auto-hover. To date, it has received 9,500 interactions.
  • Salesforce order confirmation screen: Once an order is placed, a pop-up advising next steps appears on the screen, customized to the product order type. To date it has more than 5,500 interactions.
  • Link investigation: Searching for defects and attaching them to a case is challenging. By hovering over a Whatfix smart tip, an expert is linked to an infographic explaining the next steps.
  • Training for bottom 25%: Coaching supports the weakest performing 25% of users. On average, 371 users engaged across three CARE training modules, recording more than 700 interactions.

Innovator of the Year Award Runner-Up: Geotab

Geotab is building for the future with Whatfix. A bold, imaginative DAP deployment is helping this telematics hardware provider to innovate multiple use cases and feature improvements. These include:

  • SRI implementation: Subresource integrity ensures Geotab has strict control over Whatfix changes, meeting rigorous data privacy requirements.
  • Gamification plans: Task lists and other widgets are used to track and gamify the user journeys. Congratulatory messages appear at the end of tasks.
  • Crawling content: Instead of crawling the entire knowledge base, Geotab now crawls articles in public knowledge bases, including Salesforce. In time, crawling will span content in 13 languages.
  • Innovative user actions: Geotab has deployed the user action feature extensively. Funnels and insights support analytics and new content creation.
  • Widget enhancements: Geotab has completed a significant volume of customizations over thousands of lines of AC coding.

Culture Award Runner-Up: AbleTo

A knowledge-sharing culture at AbleTo is improving teamwork, increasing engagement, and empowering the entire workforce to work smarter. This pioneering provider of virtual mental health services is using the DAP to change the way almost 2,500 clinical therapists and coaches engage with the company’s clinical guidance platform to deliver care.

Smart tips prompt AbleTo therapists to push messages periodically to the population they’re serving, such as reminders to finish post-consultation tasks. AbleTo saw a 50%+ uplift in messages being sent and compliance, against a forecast 20-30% increase. This led to a 12% increase in program completion rate.

Whatfix guidance also ensures team meetings are 100% focused on improving care delivery. Previously, 80% was devoted to system-related questions and support queries.

Ultimately, Whatfix helps therapists become more focused on improving care delivery rather than struggling with the application’s technical nuances.

Customer Impact Award Winner: Shell

Shell is fuelling business growth with Whatfix. The $404 billion, multinational energy giant uses Whatfix as a digital assistant, implemented in SAP Ariba to support the source-to-procurement process.

A Shell spokesperson previously commented, “Whatfix has enabled us to stop classroom training and replace this with short demos, guided tours, real-time tips, and similar features.”

The modern DAP also enables Shell to detect dissimilar data in real-time and guide the user to correct it, avoiding downstream errors and increasing productivity.

The Whatfix difference at Shell:

  • 20% reduction in SAP Ariba support queries.
  • 30% reduction in application support queries.
  • 100% change communication to all SAP Ariba end users.
  • 20 minutes reduction in end-to-end cycle time per contract.

DAP Rockstar Award Winner: Bradley Cook (Jacobs)

This rockstar began a digital adoption journey with Whatfix in Jan 2021 with four applications. Since then, Bradley Cook and his team at Jacobs have scaled Whatfix on 15 applications. The user base spans 65,000 employees and in the last 12 months, DAP helped release 96,000 hours of capacity.

Bradley is continually looking over the horizon. His eager, ideas-filled, 16-strong team manages all DAP-related projects/requests and helps people across the organization to implement Whatfix.

This rockstar is also actively involved in learning more about Whatfix. Bradley and his team participate in a vast array of Whatfix events, such as :SCALED, customer storytelling events, and the Community.

Bradley’s team are also pioneers, being among the first to use user actions and trend insights to view analytics data segregated by customer type.

Bradley, everyone at Whatfix salutes you.

DAP Rockstar Award Joint Runner-Up: Angela Wreidt (Sentry Insurance)

By standardizing on Whatfix, Sentry Insurance has an insurance policy for growth. And visionary people like Angela Wreidt are making it happen. Angela and her team at this leading U.S. mutual insurance company are building personalized, in-app learning across Alloy and seven other systems.

Intuitive guidance for 2,000 associates and 75,000 portal customers is helping to drive customer-centric policy administration, agile claims processing, and sales growth.

This rockstar is a champ at updating content. Angela made Self Help a one-stop-shop solution for every question: docs, PDFs, videos, articles, and static links – all in one unified environment.

Angela has single-handedly brought behavioral change by introducing self help into classroom training. Her efforts have also reduced support tickets and claims closing ratio, improved associate ramp-up time, mediclaim compliance, and user journeys for specific claim handling.

Angela is a real rockstar who just keeps on rolling.

DAP Rockstar Award Joint Runner-Up: Tanya Oliphant (Washington University in St. Louis)

What do the singer Tina Turner and Tanya Olipha have in common? They are both rockstars from St. Louis. In Tanya’s case she is the mastermind behind the Whatfix deployment at the Washington University in St. Louis.

Tanya, the Digital Adoption Lead at WashU, has been pivotal in driving the Whatfix adoption journey and achieving these goals:

  • Provide real-time, step-by-step guidance to new Workday users to complete tasks within Workday. This includes viewing payslips, creating job requisition, and requesting time off.
  • Furnish pre-requisites to users in the form of alerts before beginning a process on Workday, such as prior to hiring a student or applying to internal job.
  • Set up reminders using Pop-ups. For example, remembering to enter Labor Day holiday on an absence calendar.
  • Provide quick help in certain Workday fields.

Rising Star Award Winner: Ware2Go

Ware2Go is a rising Whatfix star to watch out for. This major fulfilment provider – a subsidiary of UPS – burst onto the Whatfix user community this year, bringing agility, innovation, and collaboration to its DAP deployment. Ware2Go is already managing multiple Whatfix implementations, including web and mobile.

The team at Ware2Go are eager to contribute too: they are Pro-Whatfixers towards advocacy and marketing initiatives and have been flexible with the mobile implementation changes recently introduced.

Rising Star Award Runner-Up: AkzoNobel

The paint has barely dried on AkzoNobel’s DAP deployment – and already the company is being shortlisted for awards. This multinational paint and coatings manufacturer has nine core HR processes. AkzoNobel has converted eight of these processes into Whatfix content over the last 18 months, spread across eight waves.

All people managers use ‘Guide Me’ on SAP SuccessFactors to execute critical processes. This in turn reduces the ticket load on HR Operations. The goal is for AkzoNobel’s people managers not to seek additional help from outside the system.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up for their commitment to innovative transformation through digital adoption. You can learn more driving digital adoption with Whatfix here.