If you’re like most Trailblazers, you’re always hungry for more knowledge. While the internet is full of Salesforce tips and tricks, not all Salesforce blogs are created equally.

For the past few years, we’ve been compiling the best Salesforce blogs around so that we can save you the time and effort of hunting down the most valuable content.

We’ve broken down the 2020 Salesforce blogs to follow into four categories:

  1. Everything Salesforce – This section includes blogs that write diverse content appealing to the Salesforce users and businesses using their products.
  2. Salesforce MVP Blogs – Here you will find personal blogs run by Salesforce MVPs with content designed to educate, inspire, and enlighten the community.
  3. Salesforce Women in Tech (WIT) Blogs – In this category, we are honoring some of the amazing women who have contributed to a diverse culture within the Salesforce community.
  4. Salesforce Podcasts – This year, we added a new category dedicated to the best Salesforce podcasts for anyone who loves to listen while they work and commute.

Below are the top Salesforce blogs and podcasts in no particular order or ranking.

Top Salesforce Blogs and Podcasts 2024 That You Should Follow

Everything Salesforce!

AuthorsMichael GillChris Edwards, and Ines Garcia
Run by 3 incredible Salesforce MVPs, this is one of the most popular blogs in the Salesforce ecosystem. I personally love their different tones of narration, and most importantly their natural willingness to help and educate the community.
Must-read: Grab your Blazer, it’s time to hit the Trail
Salesforce Weekly was so awesome to feature the article on their blog:

Salesforce weekly whatfix post

Author: Ben McCarthy
Ben is the Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Nymble who has been actively shared his Salesforce expertise and ideas since 2014. Not only does the blog feature Ben’s knowledge, it also spotlights more than 150 guest posters. This is a great resource for Salesforce hacks and news.
Must-read: Salesforce Buys Mulesoft in Biggest Acquisition Ever!

Authors: Gokul Suresh and Amar Tejaswi
We may be a bit biased on this one, but we are proud of the thought-provoking content we produce. Advocating for Salesforce adoption and training, Whatfix Academy also appeals to businesses on the lookout for solutions to simplify their end-users’ Salesforce experience.
Our content ranges from blog posts, ebooks, videos, and interactive walkthroughs on Salesforce. All our content focuses on the “learning in the flow of work” methodology.
Note: If you have an interesting idea that our Salesforce audience can benefit from, here’s an open invite for you to guest post on our blog by emailing us at [email protected].
Must-read : 11+ Salesforce Influencers: Up, Close & Personal

Author: Brent Downey
Brent has been covering a wide array of Salesforce and general business topics written in an easily consumable manner, focussed on SFDC admins and businesses using Salesforce. Check out his blog for content on Lightning Experience and his brilliant series Zero to Hero.
Must-read: Taking You From Zero to Admin Hero

Author: Oliver Hansen
Global Salesforce Blogs, is not really a blog. But a website that lists plenty of curated content from across the world. Adding on to his brilliant initiative, Oliver has also started a newsletter that combines news from the top blogs in the ecosystem.
Here’s what Oliver had to say about the list:

Twitter whatfix post

Authors: Eric DreshfieldGene EunElle OdysseosSteve Feyer and others.
Looking for assorted business and Salesforce content? Check out the Apttus Blog. With many contributing bloggers, this blog features content on CPQ, Salesforce Events, AI, etc.
Must-read: Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Enterprise
This is how the Apttus gang responded:

Author: Brian Kwong
Brian Kwong has more than a decade of experience administering and developing on the Salesforce platform—and he loves to share his passion. His quirky site serves as a central location for all the blogs, videos, and podcasts that Brian creates. Here, you will find information about Salesforce automation tools, videos about new features, podcasts with career advice, and more.
Must-read: How to Use the Salesforce Lightning Roadmap

Authors: Tal Frankfurt and other members of the Cloud For Good team
This Premium Salesforce.org Partner specializes in Salesforce tips for nonprofit organizations and higher-education institutions. The Cloud for Good blog covers Salesforce topics such as fundraising, communication, best practices, and data security.
Must-read: Best of Salesforce Spring ’19 Lightning Features

Author: Piyush Soni
Written by a young Salesforce MVP, this blog focuses on coding and configuration of Salesforce Lightning. You can turn to this blog for Salesforce workarounds, detailed tutorials, and code samples from Piyush and other members of the Salesforce community. Don’t forget to test your Lightning knowledge with his Lightning Quiz Game.
Must-read: How to Create Lightning Web Component and Deploy to the Salesforce Org

Authors: Trailblazer community members
As the name implies, this community-run forum is dedicated to known issues. While it is not technically a blog, it’s so useful that we believe it deserves a spot on this list. If you are looking for workarounds, fixes, and advice for dealing with Salesforce issues, this should be your first stop.

Authors: Various Internet Creations team members
Categories such as What’s that Feature? (WTF?), Salesforce Tips & Tricks, and Internet Creation Employee Spotlight, make this blog stand out. You can count on Internet Creations for unique and refreshing content in the Salesforce realm.
Must-read: Skills on Pointe

Author: Rakesh Gupta
A six-time Salesforce MVP, Rakesh has experience in Salesforce as a Developer, Consultant, and Solution Architect. His blog focuses on all things automation in Lightning Flow and Process Builder.
Must-read: Learning Process Builder

Forcetalks is a Salesforce collaboration platform for admins, developers, consultants, architects, marketers, and business heads to contribute their blogs and ideas. It is an open platform where anyone can join and interact with the community. The community accepts blog posts, infographics, videos and also has a Q/A section.

Salesforce MVP Blogs!

Author: Phil Walton
Since 2007, Phil Walton has been hand-picking MVPs & superstars from within the Salesforce eco-system into his dynamic and growing consultancy. The blog, albeit being the front for his consultancy Cloud Galacticos, is filled with tips, news, and a lot of ideas from this Salesforce Expert.
Must-read: Salesforce Evergreen – A Game Changer for Salesforce Developers

Author: David Liu
David is a Pro Salesforce Dev, who built SFDC99 with the purpose of giving. The blog features Beginner Tutorials, Apex Academy, and Success Stories which has grown to be quite popular within the community. Looking for a great resource to up your Salesforce skills? Do check out David’s blog.
Must-read: Global Salesforce Salary Information!

Author: Francis Pindar
Francis is a Salesforce Expert and an MVP, whose primary agenda is to teach everything that he knows about Salesforce in a fun way. He’s had over 20 years of experience in internet technologies and his blog resonates that wisdom.
Must watch: What is a Salesforce MVP?

Author: Shell Black
Shell Black started consulting on Salesforce.com in 2005 and instantly fell in love with the platform. What started as a passion to solve problems in the Cloud, soon became a business which also spawned a wonderful blog. In 2013, Shell also launched his Whiteboard videos, which has now become a great resource for learning Salesforce functionalities.
Must-watch: Lightning Experience (LEX) versus the Classic UI (Aloha) and Migrating to Lightning

Authors: Amy Oplinger and Tom Blamire
Looking to read some light-hearted, humorous, fun blog with some interesting of SFDC news? Well then, Salesforce SaaS is definitely it. Authored by two amazing admins, Amy and Tom, this blog showcases their amazing journey, along with some interesting takes on Salesforce with a lot of Gifs.

Author: Johan Yu
What Johan Yu started as a personal blog to record all that he learned in Salesforce has now become a resource for many admins who are taking a crack at the platform. Being the Co-leader of the Singapore User Group, Johan’s blog is full of great insights for all Salesforce Admins.
Must-read: Salesforce Einstein – Where to start to experiment and understand Machine Learning?

Author: Eric Dreshfield
Eric’s personal blog is all about giving back to the community. Most of the blog content revolves around featuring people from the community via interviews. The most famous being the (Kevin) Bacon of the Salesforce Community series, which features Salesforce employees, MVPs, User Group Leaders, Partners, etc., connected to Eric and is willing to share answers to his five simple questions.
Must -read: The (Kevin) Bacon of the Salesforce Community series

Whatfix Twitter post

Author: Keir Bowden
Keir Bowden is a five-time Salesforce MVP and the author of Visualforce Development Cookbook. He also has all eight Salesforce certifications and uses his blog to share study tips for each of the corresponding exams.
Must read: Building My Own Learning System

Salesforce Women in Tech (WIT) Blogs

Women are growing their footprint in technology, and it’s getting especially big in the Salesforce Ecosystem. With Salesforce itself taking strides in encouraging equality at work, there is no wonder why we have so many rockstar women in tech.

This section features the top bloggers among the Salesforce WIT, who has contributed vastly to the community through their content, leadership, mentoring, and advice.

Author: Jennifer W. Lee
Jennifer is a four-time Salesforce MVP, six-time certified Salesforce Administrator, and Trailhead addict who loves showcasing her professional life on her blog. Along with all the Ohana love, she regularly shares how-to posts, release highlights, and some really useful certification tips.
Must-read: How I Studied for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Exam

Author: Meighan Brodkey
Meighan’s blog has loads of content for Admins and Developers alike. With more than a decade of experience with Salesforce, this Salesforce MVP shares all the tricks up her sleeve in her blog. Her advice and tips are great for all aspiring Salesforce learners.
Must-read: Guides for the AwesomeAdmin

Author: Andrea Tarrell
The Spot is Andrea’s blog about all things Pardot and Marketing Automation. With over 8 years of experience on the platform, this Salesforce MVP dedicates this blog to marketers, sharing her ideas, thoughts and latest news in the industry.
Must-read: 6 Reasons Marketing Automation Managers Get Burned Out [& How to Overcome Them]

Whatfix Twitter post

Author: Louise Lockie
If there’s one word to describe Louise’s blog, that would be Optimism. Her blog is filled with bits of advice and ideas on presentation skills, Salesforce training and personal development. Check out her blog if you are looking for something inspirational.
Must-read: Prove it to Yourself

Authors: Gemma EmmetCharly Prinsloo, and Susannah Kate St-Germain
With a minimum of 16 Salesforce certifications each, the women behind Ladies Be Architects make an impressive trio. Their blog aims to help aspiring Salesforce Architects build confidence, gain knowledge, and lift up women in the Salesforce community.
Must-read: JourneyToCTA Mock Review Boards

Author: Sara Morgan Nettles
This Developer-focused blog is written by Platform I & II Salesforce Developer Sara Morgan. Her blog contains a variety of categories including Apex Code, Developer Certifications, JavaScript, VisualForce, and more.
Must-read: Building Your First Lightning Web Component for Salesforce Series (Part 1 of 4)

Authors: Angela MahoneyMelissa HansenKieren Jameson, and other contributors
Radical Apex Developers (RAD) Women is a collaborative environment that aims to help women Salesforce Admins build their skills, learn to program, and advance their careers. Although RAD Women is more of a course-provider than a blog, all of their courses are completely free and available online. Volunteer coaches teach all the programs with a mission to close the gender gap for Developers.
Must-read: Reflecting on the Salesforce Equality Awards 2019 and Four Years of RAD Women

Salesforce Podcasts

Hosts: Stacey Cogswell and Justice P. Sikakane Sr.
Campfire Stories features interviews with Salesforce Thought Leaders, Admins, Developers, Evangelists, and more. Listen in to hear more about their journey with Trailhead.
Must-listen: A Pepup Tech Story with Linden Johnson

Hosts: Jason Atwood and Justin Edelstein
Each week, Justin and Jason discuss cloud computing news and events. Count on them for insights into Trailhead, useful Salesforce features, automation, and recent news.
Must-listen: Summer 19 – Episode #305

Hosts: Salesforce Admins
A list of top Salesforce Podcasts wouldn’t be complete without Salesforce’s own Admins Podcast. This show features a different Salesforce Admin in each episode. Tune in for Salesforce advice, best practices, and strategies.
Must-listen: Certification Tricks & Treats With Wendy Braid

Hosts: Trailblazers
This is another Salesforce-run podcast, but this one is all about sharing inspirational stories of Trailblazers from around the world. During the ramp-up period for each Dreamforce event, Blazing Trails also shares bonus episodes that provide cover Salesforce knowledge and announcements.
Must-listen: Representation Matters

Hosts: Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago
Although this weekly podcast covers a variety of technology and software topics, it has a heavy focus on the Salesforce Platform. Jeremy and John strive to keep Developers and non-Developers alike up-to-date about technology and Salesforce through casual and honest discussions.
Must-listen: Oh, Data!

Hosts: Steven Herod and Matt Lacey
Steven and Matt chat about all things Salesforce Development on Code Coverage. If you’re looking for information on Apex, Visualforce, Heroku, or ExactTarget, this podcast is for you.
Must-listen: The Brisbane Time Glitch