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Sydney, Australia






PurchasePlus hospitality procurement software


  • Pre-Covid, training on hospitality procurement software was mainly in-person at each resort – a complex, slow, and expensive process
  • Remote learning relied on self-help guides and webinars. Lacking scalability, it became a bottleneck to growth
  • Support network struggled to cope with volume of application help enquiries


  • Deployed DAP to provide interactive guidance, contextual self-support,and feedback in one intuitive and flexible platform
  • Training content created by team of just three non-technical people
  • Supports training in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Europe – with more countries planned


  • Delivers 6-fold return on investment
  • Reduces costs by $71,000
  • Increases NPS score by 133%
  • Eliminates 3,000+ support queries
  • Saves 280 hours of training development
  • Enables users to find help on 98% of occasions using in-app guidance
Reduction in cost
Increase in NPS score
Support queries elimination
280 hrs
Saved on training development

Problem Statement

Cloud-based digital procurement software

While working in procurement, Marketboomer Founder Nathan Gyaneshwar was regularly interrupted with the noise of heavy supplier catalogues hitting his desk. Weekend after weekend was spent comparing prices and writing down the best-priced supplies. A friend suggested he do it on a spreadsheet and ask suppliers to update their prices using the internet.

Marketboomer’s cloud-based digital procurement software is used by more than 2,500 hospitality buyers and suppliers across 12 countries.

The challenge for Marketboomer was to efficiently train hospitality customers on how to use the software, in particular PurchasePlus, the organisation’s automated hotel procurement platform. There are two types of customers: buyers (for example, hotels, aged care facilities, and clubs) and suppliers (for example, wholesalers). A broad range of people also use the platform – from heads of finance to commis chefs – all with varying levels of technical expertise.

Prior to Covid, most customer training was conducted in-person. This was a complex, drawn out process. Customers are dispersed in many different destinations worldwide – city centre hotels, beach resorts, and other locations. People were also regularly switching roles or the hotels they worked in, requiring new people to be

Remote learning was also used, mainly comprising digital self-help guides and regular webinars.

According to Drew Nixon, Head of Customer Success at Marketboomer, this in-person or remote training process was not scalable.

“Training was becoming a bottleneck to growth. We have hundreds of hotels worldwide using PurchasePlus – and that number is rising fast. We could no longer host the increasing number of Zoom training calls. It was also putting pressure on our support network to manage the incoming enquiries.”

Covid also changed everything. With travel prohibited and many hotels temporarily closed, the in-person training strategy was immediately stopped. “We recognised that a DAP would enable Marketboomer to continue the training remotely and scale the operation. We could easily onboard our customers digitally, without stepping off the premises,” says Drew.

With the decision made to deploy a DAP, the next question for Drew and the team was: Which DAP platform to use? “We were impressed by Whatfix the moment we saw it,” he says. “The product features are super-intuitive, the Whatfix pre-sales experience was excellent, and the organisation’s NPS and associated accreditation are impeccable.”


Continuous training at the moment of need

Marketboomer has deployed the Whatfix DAP to support customer training in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, and parts of Europe – with more countries to follow in due course. The platform provides interactive guidance within PurchasePlus, delivers contextual self-support, and collects feedback – ultimately improving application proficiency with continuous training at the moment of need.

The intuitive, connected functionality includes selfhelp support articles and videos built directly into the in-app experience, putting each user in charge of their own digital development, 24×7. Pop-up information widgets inform users about PurchasePlus features that need their attention. And flows, step-by-step instructions, tailor experiences to specific hospitality user segments, intelligently improving these experiences over time as more is learned about their needs.

All of this is created and delivered by just three people from the Marketboomer team, with no intervention needed by the company’s engineering resources.

“Whatfix is the ideal way for Marketboomer to communicate training to customers. We can easily target use case types and countries, pushing relevant, personalised content to customers. We particularly like the Whatfix task lists which create roadmaps to progress by our PurchasePlus experts and monitor efficiency in real time,” says Drew.


Six-fold return on DAP investment

The Whatfix DAP enables Marketboomer to reimagine customer training on the PurchasePlus procurement solution. Customer satisfaction, user adoption, and efficiency are all rising with this forward-thinking, digital training system.

Based on Whatfix analytics drawn from the Marketboomer implementation, the benefits are as follows:

Whatfix DAP Utilisation

  • Guided Marketboomer PurchasePlus customers 3,500 times, through flows, links, and videos
  • Enabled users to find help on 98% of occasions using in-app guidancc
  • 84% of users engaged with Whatfix guidance

Enhanced User Experience

  • 50% of respondents shared positive feedback with comment
  • Two of the highest rated comments from Marketboomer users are, ‘learned something new’ and ‘easy to use
  • 49% of the feedback for Whatfix in-app guidance was appreciated by Marketboomer end-users


  • Saved 1,760 hours of online training, based on use of step-by-step guides
  • Saved 216 hours of offline training (content creation of YouTube channel videos)

Drew concludes, “This is an exciting time for Marketboomer. Our post-Covid business growth is being fuelled by more agile and engaging customer onboarding. Using the powerful and intuitive Whatfix DAP in a hybrid environment, we can now train customers dramatically faster and at significantly reduced cost. It also transforms the user experience for both hospitality buyers and suppliers alike.”

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