WHATFIX + Smartbox

How Connecting Smartbox’s Platform with Whatfix Improved Partner Knowledge and Recipient Gift Experiences

Company: Smartbox Group
Headquarters: Europe
Industry: Experience Gift Industry
Network: 42,000 partners across Europe and Northern Africa

Decrease in login error rates
Increased user productivity and satisfaction

Weekly total logins (approx) per week

Company Description

Smartbox Group, a pioneer and the European leader in gift experiences, offers the widest range of experience gifts across various themes (such as getaway, adventure, pampering, and gourmet). Every year, Smartbox helps create unforgettable memories by selling nearly 6.5 million experience gifts in 11 European countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and Ireland. Year after year, Smartbox keeps the focus on the quality of our products and services, always improving and growing their network of 42,000 partners across Europe and Northern Africa – achieving a total annual business volume of over 480 million euros.

Industry Trends: Unique Gift Experiences

Smartbox Group launched its brand during a time when people were searching for exciting and unique activities to do alone, with a friend, or as a means of seeking deeper relationships. Smartbox offers gift recipients the opportunity to experience unique adventures or out-of-the-ordinary experiences instead of a material or tangible gift. The company is committed to creating and providing non-traditional gift experiences to help recipients enjoy a memorable experience.

The Challenge: Helping Smartbox Providers Effectively Use the Smartbox Platform

Smartbox utilizes a Partner Management Portal (PMP) application that experience suppliers frequently found difficult to use. The PMP was customized and specifically designed to allow easy access for Smartbox’s gift partners, to access and proficiently use while processing the various types of gifts.

However, the PMP portal was more complicated to use than expected Experience suppliers had difficulty logging in, resulting in high login error rates. Partners also experienced challenges ranging from navigating the portal to completing regular tasks, such as booking a voucher or viewing an invoice.

As Smartbox added new products and gift experiences to sell, the company had to update PMP to reflect the availability of new product offerings. Smartbox realized the intrinsic value in Experience suppliers understanding how to proficiently use PMP. Smartbox recognized the need to create learning and development capabilities and walkthroughs for new features and additions.

“With Whatfix, our Product team was empowered to create content/ walkthroughs without dependencies on development/design/release dates with partners better equipped to educate themselves with new and existing features. 75% of partners find what they need in the Self Help Search section”

Ben Reinhardt
Product Owner, Smartbox

Smartbox Identified Requirements for a Digital Adoption Solution

Smartbox initiated a search for a digital adoption solution (DAS) that would not only be compatible with the Smartbox platform but also accelerated the learning process for their experience suppliers. Smartbox identified three major issues which propelled the search for a Digital Adoption Solution:

  • Issues with login and usage of the portal usually resulted in customer support contact.
  • Development resource was at a premium and so small design improvements were competing with top priority innovations.
  • Provide self-service customer onboarding and training without requiring an internal technical or training resource.

These recurring issues were deterrents for partners attempting to provide a high level of customer service to their customers. Inconsistent access to Smartbox impeded the experience suppliers’ ability to deliver on what customers were expecting. Additionally, any changes or new features to the Smartbox application impacted the partners’ transition and ability to effectively and positively process the gift experiences for end-customers.

This led to Smartbox seeking a solution that would address all technical and user issues. Smartbox considered Whatfix and two other competitors as options while searching for a Digital Adoption Solution. Smartbox selected Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution due to its compatibility with the Salesforce community, along with its flexible and aesthetic design, and the easy adoption value partners would experience.

Smartbox chose Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution to provide best-in-class service experience for experience suppliers and customers

  • Train Smartbox Partners how to log-in and operate the Smartbox partner portal
  • Foster partner independence
  • Provide a simplified way to conduct new feature learning
  • Whatfix meets Smartbox’s financial resources and operational costs.
  • Whatfix meets Smartbox’s financial resources and operational costs.
  • Reduce system complications with partners processing gift experiences
  • Faster development time for additional features and services.
  • Whatfix provides effective learning options that simplify training and support adoption by our providers.
  • The depth of Whatfix Solution provides a broad range of training options that easily aligns and supports the scalability and sustainability of the evolving Smartbox solution

Highlights Of Business Benefits

Increased Salesforce Lightning adoption rate Drove faster new user onboarding Made new hire training easier Reduced support queries Decreased time spent creating user help documentation Minimized time required to respond to help tickets Benefited from the capability to create walkthroughs, pdfs, and videos of all documentation simultaneously Simplified users’ ability to find documentation

The Solution: How Smartbox uses the Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform

Whatfix launched within Smartbox in August 2019. Whatfix provided a repository of information within Smartbox, which not only helped to simplify the log-in process for their partners, but also enabled them to navigate through the Smartbox portal providing clients with unique gifting experiences.

Empowered product teams: With Whatfix, product teams can create content/walkthroughs without dependencies on development/design/release dates.
Enhanced employee training: Smartbox experience suppliers have access to relevant information that supports product education and new features.

Support experience suppliers: Whatfix comes with communications tools that allow Smartbox the flexibility to publish messages and articles that are sometimes urgent and helpful directly to experience suppliers. This feature allows the development squad to focus on other roadmap items.

Foster client independence: Improves the quality of gift provider training and operational knowledge helped create a higher level of client independence. Smartbox’s use of Whatfix’s digital adoption solution has led to a reduction in support inquiries.

Ensure positive customer experiences: Provides an easy interaction with Smartbox’s platform, supports our goal for customers to have a positive experience and provides a continuation of these services long-term and post COVID-19.

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