Comviva Enabled Customers & End-Users With Contextual In-App Guidance & Support

Mobility technology solutions provider Comviva transformed its traditional customer and end-user training, onboarding, and support with contextual in-app experiences, powered by Whatfix’s digital adoption platform.


The Whatfix Difference


reduction in time to create & publish training videos for customers and end-users.

32 hours

saved per training video in content creation time.


reduction in time to write & publish a knowledge base or support article.

21 hours

saved per knowledge base or support article creation time.

“The relationship between a customer and the application is the biggest driver of our success. If people have questions, answers should be easy to find. Whatfix features are a solution to go digital and transform all your documentation needs to be contextual, accessible, and easy to use

Prema Vibhute

Comviva Technologies

The Comviva Story

Global Leader in Mobility Solutions

Comviva is the global leader in mobility solutions and is a part of the $21B Mahindra Group.

Comviva’s solutions are deployed by over 130 mobile service providers and financial institutions in over 95 countries. Its solutions enrich the lives of 2B+ people to deliver a better future. Comviva has 2B+ end-users across multiple product offerings.

The company found itself spending two to three days onboarding and training for each new customer, on each product. It needed a more efficient way to train new and existing customers, both to reduce the workload for its training and support teams, and to enable end-users with better access to training and support documentation.

By implementing Whatfix’s digital adoption platform, Comviva dramatically reduced the burden on its support staff and created a more engaging experience for customers to complete contextual, self-guided in-app training and onboarding at their own pace

The Challenge

Traditional Customer & End-User Onboarding & Support Was Time-Intensive and Not Contexual

Training for each of Comviva’s products was time-intensive. Customers often struggled to find the training and support materials they needed within the company’s extensive collection of documentation materials. Comviva typically provided new customers 5 days of new client onboarding and training for each of its product.

Training included how to access and use relevant product documentation. The company had a vast library of documentation available, but it was very lengthy and time-consuming to read.

Comviva’s team regularly received feedback from customers asking for videos or for a searchable version of the documentation. Comviva wanted customers to be able to more easily find the information they needed. As Prema Vibhute, deputy general manager of technical documentation and UI/UX at Comviva, commented:

“The relationship between a customer and the application is the biggest driver of our success. If people have questions, answers should be easy to find,” said Prema Vibhute, Manager of Technical Documentation and UX/UI at Comviva.

In response to customer feedback, Comviva’s team created training videos. However, they were stored offline in its knowledge base and were not readily accessible or searchable.

These vdeos were also time-consuming to develop, taking 30-40 hours for the Comviva team to create and publish each video. As a result, they made only about 15 videos in a year.

The Solution

In-App, Self-Guided Onboarding, Training, and Support With Whatfix

Comviva implemented Whatfix’s digital adoption platform (DAP) to enable end-users with self-guided training, at the moment of need. Not only did this take the burden of training off of Comviva’s support team, but it also enabled customers to seek answers to their questions without having to wait for replies from employees.


Using Whatfix, Comviva created video walkthroughs (called Flows) to guide clients through its products. These walkthroughs made it easy for end-users to learn a product’s different features without sorting through lengthy documentation, providing contextual step-by-step instructions right inside its application interface.


Comviva leveraged Smart Tips to provide end-users further guidance to move through the product and provide contextual information.

This feature is especially useful for onboarding, as Smart Tips help guide new users through the initial account setup process.

Comviva also implemented Self Help, a searchable self-help menu that overlays the application UI, in response to customer requests for easier access to documentation.

Its Self Help menu enabled users to quickly find relevant training and support documentation, from videos, how-to articles, training materials, and more. Whatfix’s contextualized menu simplified this task by immediately displaying the most relevant videos, articles, and walkthroughs based on the user’s role and where they are within the product.


With several financial-based products, Comviva’s customer data security was a significant concern when identifying a new guided training and support solution.

Whatfix’s self-hosted model offered the perfect solution. Comviva easily integrated Whatfix into its products without worrying about the security concerns that accompany cloud-based solutions.

The Results

Whatfix Reduced Comviva’s Training Content Creation Time from Days to Hours and Enabled End-Users With In-App Guided Experiences

Comviva’s team was able to use Whatfix’s content creation tools to speed up the production time for onboarding and training videos, as well as other support materials. 

Its customer onboarding and support team could now create and publish new training videos in less than 8 hours, which previously took up to 40 hours.

Previously, it took 24 hours to write and publish a support article, but using Whatfix Smart Tips and Flows, Comviva can have the same information ready for the customer in less than 3 hours.

“Whatfix features are a solution to go digital and transform all your documentation needs to be contextual, accessible, and easy to use,” said Vibhute.

Comviva received positive feedback from both its internal customer-facing teams and its customers and end-users after adopting Whatfix.

Customers commented that its in-app guided Flows made training and onboarding much more straightforward and appreciated the on-demand access to training and support materials provided by Self Help.

Internal implementation engineers noted how much faster and easier it was to build and publish training content.

What's Next?

Comviva Looks to Scale Its Use of Whatfix

After the initial success of its Whatfix implementation, Comviva plans to move forward and expand its use of Whatfix. It plans to integrate Whatfix’s knowledge base to incorporate training materials into the DAP and further consolidate product documentation with in-app, self-help support for end-users.

In addition, it plans to implement Task Lists in conjunction with its Flows and Self Help to ensure users are completing all necessary new customer training and end-user onboarding.

Comviva also intends to take advantage of Whatfix’s in-app survey and end-user behavior analytics features. By implementing in-app surveys, the company can collect direct feedback from customers and end-users to determine what new Flows or other training content it needs to create to streamline the onboarding process further.

With Whatfix’s analytics capabilities, it can track custom end-user events, understand in-app content engagement and consumption, identify areas of user friction, see what cohorts of users are better achieving key product metrics, optimize user onboarding flows, and drive overall end-user adoption.


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Use Case

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  • Software Documentation


  • Comviva solutions

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