How 451 Increased Adoption of its Research Platform with Whatfix

451 Research is  a global research and advisory firm that analyzes the technologies, services and companies that disrupt information technology. With a team of 100+ analysts, and research organized into 13 Channels, 451 Research has a reputation for high quality and insightful research. 

Our experience with Whatfix overall was heavily positive. From the initial sales inquiry and feature review to the implementation and partnering with the Professional Services team everything went smoothly and to plan.

Aaron St. George
Chief Innovation Officer

The Challenge of Adoption and Information Discovery

451 Research covers a wide range of topics and an extensive repository of reports, white papers and articles is made available to customers. Their purpose built research publishing and digestion platform used by customers to create research requests and look for information in a self-serve manner. However, fishing through the research to get to exactly what’s needed was turning out to be a time-consuming process for the customers. It was not only hurting the user- experience but also defeating the purpose of having such a self-serve platform altogether.

The CIO of 451 Research, Aaron St. George discovered that they needed to provide more handholding to customers for driving adoption of the platform, and the usage of new features.

The Whatfix Solution

To support 451’s globally spread-out user-base, they had to find a way to guide users in-app with minimal dependence on an external intervention. To solve for this, Aaron St. George crafted targeted user-journeys that utilised specific features to provide the most efficient way of discovering information using:

  • Advanced search filters
  • Guidance on details on each research category 
  • Best-practices of research content discovery.

Whatfix digital guidance helped actualize these user-journeys in the 451 Research platform through:

  • Whatfix walkthroughs and self-help empower users to self-discover these features and find the right resources much quicker
  • Help content and tool-tips embedded in online pdf guides help users navigate them most effectively
  • Beacons and tool-tips that highlight and explain changes and new features.

A Powerful User Experience for End-Users

The following have been the biggest positives in Aaron’s experience with Whatfix:

Ease of Integration: 451 Research used Whatfix through a JS embed model and found the integration to be impressively easy. 

Professional Services: Whatfix’s Professional Services group was engaged to develop content and they not just provided a very user-centric and prompt service, but also gave expert consultation on how the Whatfix platform could be best utilized. 

Flexibility: Whatfix works with a simple browser extension that can be used on any web-based application. That combined with many different types of widgets and customization options has helped Aaron to elevate the user experience across all user touchpoints. 

451 Research would like to leverage more personalization capabilities of Whatfix to create a tailored experience for their users based on role and function. Additionally they plan to utilize the tool to help guide end-users to curated or specifically unique research for their needs. 

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