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Welcome to the Whatfix customer club, where our goal is to recognize you, our successful DAP customers and provide a platform for you to promote your expertise, company brand, network, and share your stories.

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Superstar Status

Become a shining thought leader among industry pros, sharing insights, best practices, and epic experiences. You’ll be the go-to guru in no time!

Priority Access and Rockstar Treatment

Enjoy special perks, special events, early product releases, and more.

Networking Extravaganza

Rub shoulders with a community of notable customers, partners, and industry experts. Expand your network, forge meaningful relationships, and unleash endless opportunities!

Rewards That Make You Go “WOW”

Engage with the program and earn points and one-of-a-kind experiences!

Dive Into Exciting Participation Opportunities

We recognize your time is extremely valuable, so we’ve created a flexible program that aligns with your schedule and goals; you choose which opportunities are right for you.

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