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Whatfix Launches Enterprise Insights and AI Features.
Reimagines The Future Of AI-Driven Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP)


San Jose, Calif. and Bangalore, India – May 9, 2023 – Whatfix, the global digital adoption platforms (DAP) leader, announced the launch of its new product, Enterprise Insights. Continuing its rapid innovation, Whatfix is evolving its Product Analytics offering into new enterprise-centric analytics capabilities and processes with Enterprise Insights. 

Enterprise Insights
Powered by the concept of userization, Enterprise Insights enables organizations to track, visualize, and analyze applications, processes (across apps), and enterprise-level adoption and engagement data. This data is critical for IT and business leaders to gain visibility into the license utilization, adoption, and engagement metrics of all business-critical enterprise applications and processes. By utilizing this data, enterprises can remove productivity blockers & drive efficiency in the organization. 

Over the previous two quarters, Enterprise Insights has been running in closed beta with select Fortune 500 customers of Whatfix who are using it to make better, data-driven decisions to drive process adoption and digital transformation acceleration.

Whatfix AI
Today, Whatfix overlays 750+ types of applications, with 143,000+ pieces of knowledge documentation across these applications. This rich knowledge and vast experience, uniquely positions Whatfix to re-imagine the DAP category with AI.

Whatfix is investing in R&D to build underlying application-agnostic use cases for “user productivity multiplication” using Generative AI. The technology shall support both customer-facing and employee-facing, web, desktop, and mobile applications, reducing the time and effort required to handle text in them by

  • Auto-completing text fields in real time, 
  • Elaborating brief notes that a user writes in any text field, 
  • Getting Summarized answers in a self-help search experience. This feature will provide a short/summarized answer to users’ questions by looking at their organization’s knowledge base articles and other forms of documentation and finding relevant, contextual help information. This will reduce the time taken to reach help from internal documentation by 75%. 

Whatfix is building AI to empower people with a “human-in-the-middle” approach, ensuring that humans remain in control of AI. The end users have a choice to review AI-powered answers before utilizing them and also provide a finer level of control to business/ IT stakeholders. Further, AI models are optionally fine-tuned for each of the customers. This approach empowers each customer’s AI model to be highly contextual to their digital processes and tasks and helps overcome AI hallucinations and biases. The approach also helps infuse contextual feedback and inputs from specific customers into their AI models crafting the most personalized and effective AI Self-Help. 

Vara Kumar, co-founder and Head of R&D at Whatfix said, “Whatfix is spearheading a niche DAP category with userization at the core of its innovation. We are reimagining DAP with Whatfix AI, which will help enhance EX, CX, and productivity. Customer data privacy,  easy implementation and adoption, and a human-in-the-middle approach are the foundation of Whatfix AI.

Adam Shapiro, Manager, Digital Solutions, at Cardinal Health, said, “As a customer of Whatfix, I’m consistently impressed by its innovative technology, which has helped our organization streamline our processes and reach new customers. I’m excited about their upcoming AI functionality.” 

Whatfix is launching an early access program for these features exclusively for its customers. 

What lies ahead
Whatfix is working on a computer vision model that understands applications and processes like humans. With simple language instructions, this model will be able to complete/guide entire tasks or processes without relying on the underlying technology or availability of knowledge.

“At Everest Group, we believe that AI capabilities are making DAPs even more powerful, opening up new possibilities for aiding employee productivity and enhancing the overall user experience. This technology has the potential to transform the way businesses approach digital adoption, and we are excited to see the continued evolution and impact of AI in this space,” said Sharath Hari N, Practice Director at Everest Group. 

You can learn more about Whatfix AI in our full announcement here.


About Whatfix:
Whatfix empowers anyone, anywhere to have scalable success with technology they use everyday, achieving greater knowledge, expanding capability, and unlocking productivity for themselves and their organizations. Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) integrates seamlessly with applications to enable users, providing in-context information and guidance to immediately increase individual capability and collectively amplify productivity. The organization has six offices globally in the US, India, UK, Germany, and Australia, and works with Fortune 500 companies around the world. Whatfix has raised $140 million to date, and is backed by marquee investors including Softbank Vision Fund 2, Sequoia Capital India, and Cisco Investments. For more information, visit Whatfix’s website.