Unlocking the Full Potential of Users Through Userization and DAPs

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“Userization is the concept of taking a user-first approach and making technology accessible with experience-first principles. It is about making technology user-centric, rather than making people technology proficient. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) with the help of nudges and step-by-step guidance make the use of the software easier and empower users to succeed.”

Sharath Hari N
Practice Director at Everest Group

Users first, Technology second

Userization is the idea of making software work for each individual user, the way they need i it to. It is about making technology more accessible for the user. Userization makes it simple and intuitive for the user to act, collaborate, and complete tasks in a seamless manner. According to Everest, “Userization focuses on making technology user-centric, rather than making people technology proficient.”

DAPs help enterprises userize their software. In this paper, Everest says that Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) fuel userization in the following ways:

  • Real-time guidance and intelligent nudges for end-users
  • End-user analytics to understand adoption, build user cohorts and segments, analyze engagement, identify friction points, and more.
  • Automation.


In this paper, get insights into:

  • What is userization?
  • What are the key business outcomes of userization for enterprises?
  • What are the benefits of userization for end-users?
  • How to leverage digital adoption platforms (DAPs) to drive userization.

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