Discover key user insights to build a data-driven digital adoption strategy

Whatfix Analytics offers actionable data on user behaviour within your applications, consumption of Help content, and real-time feedback on in-app experiences.

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Leverage data to drive user engagement, adoption, and proficiency


Actionable user insights

Get actionable insights into user behaviour throughout your application. Leverage these insights to build and optimize data-backed onboarding, continuous training, and other in-app user experiences.


Real-time data

Get data in real time, as it happens. Use this data to act quickly to problem areas inside your app to ensure a seamless user experience.


Simple execution

Enable tracking features such as User Actions with the click of a button. Easily execute integrations without the need for coding or development support.

Learn how Cardinal Health Canada supported the launch of its new customer-facing website with Whatfix’s interactive guidance and self-service help features, streamlining its user adoption to a better customer experience with a 24/7 self-help solution.


Powerful analytics that power intuitive user experiences

Behaviour Analytics

Understand key user behaviour within your application. Identify critical dropoff spots where users need a little extra navigation help with User Actions and Funnels.

  • Identify areas where users need help
  • Discover opportunities to accelerate adoption
  • Track business process completion and feature adoption trends

Guidance Analytics

Track how users interact with Whatfix widgets and help content. Collect granular insights into your most used flows, self-help search terms, and other key performance metrics.

  • Get performance data on all widgets
  • Identify gaps in your help content
  • Optimize user experiences in real time

User Feedback

Obtain user feedback seamlessly on your Flows and Self Help content. Use that feedback to influence new content creation and continuously enhance your in-app experiences.

  • Improve Flows with real-user feedback
  • Offer contextual self help on a wide range of search terms

By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in employee productivity
Reduction on support queries

Reduction in training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch enterprise applications

Faster time to proficiency for a new employee
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

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