Experian Drives Salesforce® Adoption Across Its Global Employee-Base With Whatfix

Reduction in training 
content creation costs
Reduction in support queries

Increase in productivity 
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Company Description

Experian is a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. Established in 1996, Experian is popularly known to be part of the ‘Big Three’ credit reporting agencies. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Experian has established headquarters across the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil and employs over 16,000 people.

The Challenge of Enabling a Massive Sales Team on Salesforce

Experian has made a significant investment in Salesforce, the leading CRM vendor, empowering its sales people to manage their business and client relationships as effectively as possible. Despite a strong training set-up, users struggled to leverage Salesforce in their sales process with initial training emphasis heavily focused on how to use the tool. Heavy customization to Salesforce has resulted in a diverse, high number of processes implemented. Experian’s training team decided that interactive, on-demand training that helps users in the flow of work was the best way forward. ‘Whatfix powered’ on-screen guidance technology has been game-changing in how training is delivered for both onboarding and reinforcement. ‘How to’ training is now on-demand as users get assistance while ‘doing’.

“Top vendor, great solution! With a heavily customized Salesforce instance and multicultural processes to cater for, the flexibility of Whatfix empowers us to get the right training to the right people, at the right time!”

Lee Glenn
Senior Specialist, Global CRM Training

The CBT training has become more focused on ‘Why’ using a CRM is important, and its benefits to an individual and the company. This has had a huge impact on the approach to Salesforce and connected systems training, with dramatic cost savings benefits.

Reasons for Choosing Whatfix

Whatfix was the preferred solution for Experian due to the following reasons:

  1. Ease of use: Building flows in Whatfix is much quicker, even by the non-technical L&D
  2. Salesforce Specialization: Features that help create very effective Salesforce content, & easily
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: Dependable customer service, with 1/5th the waiting time of nearest competitor

Personalized, Real-Time and Interactive Salesforce Training

Whatfix helps Experian provide real time training and onboarding assistance that’s personalized to users’ role, language and instance (which is customised per region and BU):

Interactive On-Screen Guidance: Whatfix has become the first point of help and learning for the sales reps at Experian. The onboarding package with 19 modules previously now has only 6 modules, switching from a ‘How to’ approach to a ‘Why is Salesforce important?’. How-to, hands-on interactive training is now delivered using Whatfix as the second part of the onboarding course in the form of 40+ walkthroughs. An always-available self-help menu (internally called ‘guide-me’) provides users contextual information whenever users are unsure how to perform a process or task, saving precious time in asking SalesOps team for help.

Multiformats to Reduce Video Creation Effort: Launching Salesforce in a new business unit could require a few months of content creation effort. However, Whatfix’s auto-generated multiformats (videos, PDFs, slideshows etc.) reduced that time to a month. The content maintenance effort for the frequently changing Salesforce, especially on videos that could run into days is also done now in minutes! Experian also plans to leverage Whatfix’s SCORM integration to use this content as learning courses in their LMS Cornerstone.

Salesforce Specialization: Due to Whatfix’s experience of working with various enterprises in driving Salesforce adoption, Experian always had expert help. Plus, Whatfix has specialized features (Intelligent segmentation and automatic element detection) that automate the complex pieces in content creation and administration.

Dynamic Reinforcement Training: Whatfix has enabled Experian to deliver definitive, targeted reinforcement training content to its diverse user community across regions and business units (BUs). It’s become easier to demonstrate the value of Salesforce when used correctly by addressing frustration with often opaque processes. Content creation is more flexible than ever before with key regional stakeholders now playing a more active part in the development process. Regional and BU specific Salesforce processes can now be followed with on-screen guidance, even in the local language where appropriate. Sales-reps now feel more empowered with the significantly improved Salesforce user experience. Whatfix has played a part in improving the acceptance of modern technology by sales reps at Experian.

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