WHATFIX + Grifols

How Grifols Integrated Whatfix to Simplify Employee Learning and Accelerate the Use of Company Applications

Company: Grifols
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain
Industry: Global Healthcare
Number of users: 400

Frames Support
Increased Salesforce Lightning adoption rate
Hours have been 
saved on training and support queries

Smart Targeting
Decreased time spent creating user help documentation

Company Description

Grifols is a global healthcare company that, since 1909, has enhanced the health and well-being of people around the world. The company is an industry leader in producing plasma-derived medicines and transfusion medicine. Grifols provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions in transfusion medicine and also offers hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals information and services that deliver efficient, expert medical care. With more than 24,000 employees in 30 countries and regions, Grifols is committed to a sustainable business model that sets the standard for continuous innovation, quality, safety, and ethical leadership in the industry.

Business Challenge:
Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning

Grifols added the Salesforce Lightning interface for its sales and marketing teams to boost productivity, optimize operations, and build applications faster. They searched for a solution that would provide an easy transition to Salesforce Lightning. Their goal was to provide users with a simple way to quickly find answers in the new interface. Grifols also needed to train new employees who joined the company at different times, often requiring them to conduct live training class months after new employees were hired. Grifols searched for a multi-purpose solution that would help onboarding and orienting new hires, as well as support a broad range of business operations. The company developed a partnership with Whatfix to address their training challenges with internal applications that will evolve with their business needs.

“After our end users discovered how easy it is to use Whatfix Self Help, we received fewer queries about how to do a process in Salesforce Lightning and Service Cloud. Now we receive more requests to add new processes and features, which speeds our innovation and ability to be agile in responding to Grifols’s business needs.”

Penelope Gatlin
Commercial Technology Analyst

Highlights of Business Problems

  • Insufficient Adoption of Salesforce Application
  • Need for Faster Onboardings and Ease of Training for Salesforce
  • Reduce internal support queries and the time spent on training
  • Manual creation of help documentation
  • Live training for very few users
  • Emailing help documentation to users
Goals Of Using Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution
  • Simplify transition to Salesforce Lightning and revamp documentation processes.
  • Provide an easier path for users to find relevant documentation.
  • Have options to create walkthroughs, as well as PDFs and videos of all documentation.
  • Get more accurate and comprehensive data about business performance.
  • Increase user engagement and generate better insight into business operations.

Highlights Of Business Benefits

  • Increased Salesforce Lightning adoption rate
  • Drove faster new user onboarding
  • Made new hire training easier Reduced support queries
  • Decreased time spent creating user help documentation
  • Minimized time required to respond to help tickets
  • Benefited from the capability to create walkthroughs, pdfs, and videos of all documentation simultaneously
  • Simplified users’ ability to find documentation

Grifols quickly recognized the positive impact of integrating Whatfix with the training process as employees used Whatfix features to learn Sales Lightning and other company applications at an accelerated pace. Employees immediately incorporated their knowledge into performing their jobs.

Within 7 Months Of Implementing Whatfix, 400+ Hours Have Been Saved On Training And Support Queries


Future use of Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution

Grifols plans to expand their use of Salesforce Lightning to other divisions and web-based tools. Whatfix can support the company’s training programs with different features, including the ability to integrate its Self Help with Grifols Internal use of Service Cloud to manage help tickets. Plus, Whatfix can help Grifols identify trends, visualize KPIs, and use data analytics to create a smarter, more scalable business.

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