How integrating Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution with BeerBoard’s SmartBar platform improved employee training and client engagements

Company: BeerBoard
Headquarters: Syracuse, NY
Industry: Food & Beverage
Number of users: 3,567 users of the SmartBar platform
Geographical use: United States and Canada

Provided employees easy access to related job and hospitality information

Fostered a positive and proactive relationship with clients

Empowered Beerboard’s clients to support their employees and customers

Company Description

BeerBoard is a technology company that enables the food and beverage industry to make data-driven decisions about its bar business, streamlining operations and increasing revenue. BeerBoard manages over $1 billion in retail draft beer sales and 45,000 products through its industry-leading solution.

The company’s patented digital platform SmartBar generates real-time insights and trend-driven analytics. It is designed for retailers, brewers, and distributors to capture, analyze and report real-time data related to bar performance, brand insights and inventory.

The SmartMenus Initiative

BeerBoard launched the SmartMenus initiative to help keep environments safe by eliminating the need for customers and staff to handle printed menus. The project provides bars and restaurants with contactless menus accessible via mobile, web or QR codes.
The initiative was driven by the company’s goal to cultivate relationships with clients through analyzing data, assessing feedback and engagements. Another benefit included helping clients meet COVID-19 requirements.

Goals of Using Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution

  • Integration with Beerboard’s SmartBar platform in tandem with employee training on its utilization
  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base and an easy-to-use interface to conduct employee training
  • Support frequent employee training due to the high turnover rate in the hospitality industry
  • Foster client training capabilities by empowering them to independently and effectively train their workforce

“BeerBoard was able to streamline the training and onboarding process for our SmartBar platform with a step-by-step workflow for our users. By shortening the learning curve for our users, Whatfix has helped our clients achieve the benefits of our SmartBar platform much quicker.”

Sundar Ravindran
Chief Technology Officer

Why Beerboard chose Whatfix

Easy integration: The integration of Whatfix’s Digital Adoption platform with Beerboard’s SmartBar platform was simple, fast, and efficient.

Ongoing Training: Connecting the platforms allowed BeerBoard to train new employees and provide instructions on how to operate the SmartBar program in hospitality environments, including retailers, brewers, and distributors.

User-friendly interface: The unified platform features an easy-to-use interface designed to support employee training and provide detailed instructions on how to operate SmartBar. It also serves as a reference source for employees to find answers to their questions through the dashboard.

Support ongoing and new employee training: BeerBoard recognized that the high turnover rate of employees in the hospitality industry created an ongoing training environment. Thus, they needed a comprehensive, integrated solution that would address all of their training needs and provide employees access to current data. Whatfix provided an impactful advantage that would allow BeerBoard to deliver training to meet the needs of its broad client base.

How BeerBoard uses the Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform

Whatfix launched within SmartBar in August 2017. Whatfix provided a repository of information within SmartBar, which allowed their clients immediate access to relevant, industry-related knowledge. Beerboard’s staff noticed an improvement in productivity and an increase in the completion of specific company tasks.

Improve employee training: Integrating Whatfix with the SmartBar platform significantly improved the quality of client user training and provided a comprehensive knowledge base that serves as a resource of information for clients and their employees.

Easy-to-use support interface: Provide clients with access to a knowledge base to reduce interaction with BeerBoard employees.

Foster client independence: Improving the quality of client training and operational knowledge helped create a higher level of client independence. Whatfix’s adoption has led to a reduction in support inquiries.

Centralized source of information: Access to the SmartBar platform with frequent data updates helped improve employee knowledge and work efficiency.

The Whatfix Solution

  • Deployment: Whatfix was launched within BeerBoard’s SmartBar platform in August 2017 and was deployed to BeerBoard’s clients across America.
  • User Feedback on Whatfix: Integrating Whatfix with SmartBar improved client interaction by allowing users to resolve their questions independently. Additional training and engagement support resulted in a significant improvement in productivity for employees of BeerBoard.
  • BeerBoard Employees: Users noticed the benefits of using Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution included in-depth training, fewer client calls, and improved content workflows.
  • Engagement with SmartBar platform: Integrating Whatfix with SmartBar improved the quality of client engagement with an easy-to-use interface and training that empowered clients with valuable information which helped improve business operations.

Highlights Of Business Benefits

  • Reduced training time and expenditures
  • Increased user productivity Created content workflows with Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform, saving eight 
 minutes per workflow of BeerBoard’s training time.
  • Foster client independence: Prior to adopting Whatfix, BeerBoard clients had to contact staff via e-mail or phone with any questions regarding training sessions or documentation.

Now, clients have access to an updated knowledge base for immediate answers to questions.

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