Baystone Media Accelerates Product Adoption & Enables Customers With Real-Time Support With Whatfix

Healthcare marketing service provider Baystone Media accelerates adoption of its new web portal, guides new users with interactive onboarding, and provides on-demand self-help customer support with Whatfix’s digital adoption platform.


The Whatfix Difference


self-help customer support.


reduction in inbound customer support calls.


decrease in overall support tickets.

“Whatfix has helped our company educate our clients about our products and website editor. Having an integrated walkthrough of our editing system has lowered our inbound calls and our support ticket count for website edits. We are able to spend the saved time enhancing service for our clients.”

Olivia Stanger

Assistant Operations Manager, Baystone Media

The Baystone Media Story

Multi-Channel Marketing Solution for Non-Tech Savvy Healthcare Clients

Under the wing of the American digital media giant, Internet Brands®, the health-based end-to-end marketing provider Baystone Media is thriving as a subsidiary.

Internet Brands®, known for its portfolio of brands in the four high-value vertical markets: Automotive, Health, Legal, and Home/Travel, provides its services to SMBs and enterprises. With its expanse and a large portfolio of B2B and B2C websites in the health vertical, Internet Brands® has been serving millions of consumers and over 50,000 healthcare practices.

Baystone Media, which provides end-to-end marketing solution for healthcare practices like Dentists, Chiropractors, Ophthalmologist, Therapists, etc., is a low cost, high-value subscription offering of Internet Brands®. Baystone Media takes care of multi-channel marketing for its clients, helping them with e-communications, social media, search engine optimization, and overall online marketing.

This case study covers how Whatfix became the go-to solution for Baystone Media and its sister companies, TherapySites and Officite. It also highlights how Whatfix’s platform helped them drive product adoption, while reducing overall customer support emails and calls.

“Our old system had a place for walkthroughs, and many existing clients missed that feature when migrating to our new platform. We wanted a way to help our clients when we weren’t in the office, and to give back an existing feature that we had in the past.” said Olivia Stranger, Assistant Operations Manager at Baystone Media.

The Challenge

Empowering Its Customers To Adoption Its New Website

Doctors and healthcare practitioners are what make up most of Baystone Media’s clientele. With the help of its powerful website editor, customizable themes, and templates, Baystone Media empowers its clients to create personalized websites. One of the significant advantages of their offering is the codeless creation of websites.

Though hassle-free, using the website editor requires basic technical knowledge. However, Baystone Media recognized that many of its users were not too tech-savvy. This resulted in repetitive calls and questions from their clients on customizing their websites.

As a temporary resolution, Baystone media revamped its website editor, simplifying some complexities while incorporating newer features into their customizations. This called for migrating all existing users to the new website editor, consequently increasing support queries.

Concurrently, similar issues were faced by its two sister healthcare companies, TherapySites and Officite, managed cohesively by Internet Brands®.

These impending issues culminated in their collective search for a tool to accelerate product adoption, and enhance its platform’s user onboarding experience by providing them with 24/7 real-time walkthroughs.

The Solution

Whatfix's Contextual In-App Guidance & Self Help

The idea was to implement a solution for all three companies that would enable its clients to navigate within the platforms with ease. So, in addition to PDFs and specific videos, the search was on for a real-time guided walkthrough solution, which culminated with Whatfix.

To begin with, Therapysites was the first one among the three to implement Whatfix. Baystone Media and Officite followed this.

The connection was instant as Whatfix could easily integrate with its system and allowed its users to learn by doing, with step-by-step guidance. With Whatfix’s helpful widgets, Baystone Media could also streamline the adoption of its revamped website editor, thus educating its users about the editor and the product in real-time.


The initial success was astonishing. Within a few months after going live, Baystone Media recognized that the integrated walkthrough on the editor lowered their inbound calls and support tickets. In the span of the next five months, Baystone media saw a 10% decrease in inbound calls and a 4.17% decrease in support tickets. This success has given them the leeway to spend more time enhancing their service for the clients.

Whatfix continues to provide effective and efficient proactive self-help to existing users of the three companies while enabling them with real-time digital guidance and improved product adoption.

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Whatfix supports both cloud and on-premise implementations.

For our cloud offering, you only need to install our Whatfix Editor extension on Chrome or Firefox and you’re ready to get started. The user experience of our editor is so simple that you can create interactive guides easily, with no technical setup required.

We also offer full support on on-premise setups. Whatfix guides can be exported and deployed on your own web server with our on-premises export version.

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Our customers use Whatfix for a variety of use cases, including: 

  • Supporting change and digital transformation efforts.
  • Contextual employee training, onboarding, and performance support across your entire software applications and digital processes.
  • Building UI elements such as product tours and walkthroughs for better user onboarding experiences.
  • Creating self-help portals to provide end-users and customers with on-demand guidance and support.
  • Building better employee and customer experiences through advanced product analytics and behavioral data.

Our customers range from SMBs, large enterprises, and Fortune 100 companies across verticals, including:

  • SaaS companies
  • eCommerce marketplaces
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Media companies
  • Governments
  • Universities

…and many more – all solving their digital adoption challenges by empowering their employees, customers, and end-users with Whatfix. 

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