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Maxwell Health Triumphs With Whatfix Reducing 25,000+ Support Queries

Maxwell Health uses Whatfix to reduce their support requests with self-service interactive guides. The integration with Whatfix has helped them reduce more than 25,000+ support queries. This has enabled them to serve multiple clients, while providing them with proactive support simultaneously in real time.

Maxwell Health simplifies benefits and HR for small to mid-sized employers. The platform includes a marketplace that makes buying benefits intuitive for employees, tools that streamline HR processes including benefits, administration and payroll, and a mobile app that makes using benefits easy.

Maxwell is provided by benefits advisors, as well as insurance and retirement companies that license their technology.

“Rapid growth is great, but it also comes with a great responsibility towards real-time customer support and satisfaction. After implementing Whatfix, there has been an exponential rise in customer satisfaction without any additional resources.”

Abigail Albright
Director EPM, Maxwell Health

Challenge Faced By Maxwell Health

Maxwell Health is constantly improving their product. With the consistent flow of new updates, they were looking for ways to make sure that these updates made it to their rapidly-growing customer base in an easily digestible format.

On a quest for a tool that could help them efficiently update and maintain product how-to’s and tutorials without a lot of manual overhead from the team, they found Whatfix.

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Why Maxwell Health Chose Whatfix

When Maxwell Health discovered Whatfix, they realized that Whatfix’s guidance platform could help with their product training and be used in multiple touch points when needed.

After Maxwell Health integrated Whatfix, their product and support managers created about 67 guides. They have been using these guides to successfully help customers self-serve in a step-by-step manner.

Implementing Interactive Support

Whatfix has been critical to Maxwell Health’s success in creating smart and engaging customer-facing content. They have been using Whatfix to provide guidance on their product, in real-time as guided walkthroughs and as easily embeddable slideshows in their knowledge base software.

Whatfix has been able to change the traditional 1 on 1 approach of customer support and has been enabling multiple clients of Maxwell to get support simultaneously in real-time. This has led to positive feedback from their customers, especially on the intuitive click-through guidance. With it, they are now able to answer their own questions, decreasing the number of tickets sent to their support team.

Updating Product Documentation

Maxwell Health’s product is constantly changing, so it’s critically important that their documentation stays up to date. Whatfix is instrumental in helping them do that.

“Whatfix has made it super simple for us to incorporate helpful visual guides into our knowledge base content. Our users are able to get seamless self-service even on complex features with Whatfix’s intuitive interface. Plus, it’s a breeze for our team to create and maintain our guides.”

Abigail Albright
Director EPM, Maxwell Health

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