ManpowerGroup Accelerated Its Bullhorn ATS Transformation With Whatfix's In-App Guidance & Moment-of-Need Support

Fortune 500 staffing firm Manpower invested in a new ATS, Bullhorn. To facilitate change and accelerate transformation, it used Whatfix’s to enable its recruiters with contextual in-app guidance and real-time support to drive application proficiency and provide moment-of-need end-user support.


The Whatfix Difference


Flows created in Bullhorn ATS that provided step-by-step guidance on complex processes.


of recruiters who accessed Self Help were successful in resolving their issues independently.

“The in-system training is a game changer. Whatfix really helped us move the needle toward using more current and innovative training solutions. We strongly value innovation as an organization and that includes innovating the way we learn.”

Jill Busch

Director of Learning and Development at Manpower

The Manpower Story

Modernizing Its Legacy Application Tracking System (ATS) With Bullhorn ATS

ManpowerGroup is a global leader in staffing workforce solutions. It knows that technical and human skill demands have changed faster than organizations could predict and has committed to finding innovative ways to help its staff learn new skills and develop in their careers.

With the launch of Bullhorn, its new applicant tracking system (ATS), ManpowerGroup wanted to create a quick and smooth transition for its recruiters.

To achieve ROI in Bullhorn, its recruiters needed contextual training on documenting relevant data and how to move candidates through the hiring process from sourcing to placement. In alignment with creating an innovative learning culture and making it as simple as possible to learn new skills, its L&D team looked into providing a moment-of-need learning solution, in addition to other relevant training material, to support the Bullhorn launch.

The Challenge

How to Support Bullhorn ATS End-Users Post-Onboarding

To enable its recruiters on Bullhorn, ManpowerGroup’s North American L&D team created a holistic training solution. They planned to use traditional classroom training sessions as well as eLearning solutions. Additionally, they were looking for a more effective way to support post-training queries at scale, as its traditional training methods came with high maintenance costs.

To support post-training queries in the beta launch of Bullhorn, Manpower provided end-users with a web page that contained links to relevant training videos and support documents. However, according to internal surveys, it had low usage rates and recruiters preferred asking colleagues for guidance over the web page.

Given this knowledge, Jill Busch, ManpowerGroup’s Director of Learning and Development, knew they needed to find a more innovative solution for driving the Bullhorn transformation and supporting its end-users.

She has recently taken a course on the impact of learning in the ‘5 Moments of Need®’—when learners need to learn something new, expand upon previous knowledge, apply new knowledge, adapt to new trends, and solve problems.

She began looking for a workflow learning solution that would integrate directly with Bullhorn to provide in-app training and enable end-users with easily accessible post-training self-help content.

That’s when the team turned to Whatfix, a digital adoption platform (DAP) that provided the right solution for its training needs.

“Whatfix really helped us move the needle toward using more current and innovative training solutions. We strongly value innovation as an organization and that includes innovating the way we learn,” said Jil Busch, Director of L&D at ManpowerGroup

The Solution

Whatfix's In-App Guidance and Post-Onboarding, Moment-of-Need Support

ManpowerGroup worked with Whatfix’s professional services and onboarding team to smoothly integrate its DAP with Bullhorn. Post-implementation, the L&D team wasted no time creating real-time help and post-training content with Whatfix. They used five of Whatfix’s main features:

  • They created 119 Flows—on-screen step-by-step guided instructions—to walk recruiters through essential processes, like adding a candidate and scheduling an interview.
  • They used Smart Tips—in-app tooltips that prompted recruiters to see helpful hints when they hover over specific fields—to increase accuracy when entering data or to provide additional context or information. For example, they used Smart Tips to provide context for forms with fields that had multiple drop-down options.
  • They used Beacons—pulsing red dots on clickable icons that provide text clarification when hovered over—to explain to recruiters what these features within Bullhorn could be used for.
  • They used Pop-ups—box overlays that appear right in the Bullhorn application—to distribute targeted announcements and conduct surveys.
  • They integrated Searchable Self Help —a widget that enabled users to find exactly what they needed right in the Bullhorn application—to make help content more accessible. The Self Help could surface personalized content through custom API based on the user’s needs. For example, system admins would see different Self Help entries compared to recruiters. The L&D team created and distributed content through Whatfix to help recruiters find solutions at any stage of the 5 Moments of Need®.

The Results

ManpowerGroup Reduced Support Calls, Increased Self-Help Training Usage, and Accelerated Digital Transformation

Before its Bullhorn launch, ManpowerGroup’s IT team set up a dedicated help desk called ‘Hypercare’ to support end-users when they encountered issues. That help desk was shut down sooner than expected due to low call volume, and end-users were finding answers to their post-training questions independently with Whatfix’s Self Help.

“The in-system training is a game-changer,” stated one of ManpowerGroup’s managers when reviewing the Whatfix-powered training solution. When recruiters asked him questions on Bullhorn, he redirected them to Whatfix’s Self Help to find answers.


92% of recruiters who accessed Whatfix’s Self Help to solve their Bullhorn questions were able to resolve their issues on their own – greatly reducing the need for a help desk.

Reception to Whatfix was so positive that ManpowerGroup’s global leaders view Whatfix’s DAP as an effective employee training solution across its various business units and teams – providing additional in-app support and communication to employees for deadline reminders and new training alerts with Smart Tips and Pop-Ups 


Moving forward, ManpowerGroup plans to use Whatfix to support training on Bullhorn across its global teams, and launch Whatfix other mission-critical software applications. The North American L&D team has started partnering with other ManpowerGroup teams across the globe to help them get started with Whatfix and already has received requests for DAP in-app guidance and support on other applications.

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