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PlanetHS Reduced Its Training And Onboarding Effort Using Whatfix

PlanetHS, LLC is an Athletics Management Software company headquartered in the US. The PlanetHS platform is cloud-based software used by over a million users in the United States to streamline the athlete registration/eligibility process in high schools and middle schools.

“We had an “aha” moment during the Whatfix demo when we saw the automatic video and PDF generation of the walkthroughs! We were trying to play it cool and not show our excitement, but we were blown away with the possibilities of what we could do with Whatfix for our customers. And, it’s been amazing!”

Melissa Ochs
Training Manager

The Challenge of Ever-Increasing Training and Support Costs

PlanetHS is used by high-school athletic directors/trainers, parents and students to register student athletes. Training on PlanetHS for the athletic directors in 13 states (and growing) was done on a 1:1 calls lasting 45 minutes. This was time-consuming and ineffective; users were still confused and it took many attempts to fill out the form before getting things right.

With Whatfix, PlanetHS found a scalable way to onboard and train users and keep them updated with ever-evolving software. PlanetHS was looking for a way to:

  • Train 60K athletic directors, parents and students
  • Simplify the complex registration process and improve user experience
  • Streamline the registration process and reduce the support burden.
Support Tickets Eliminated
Number of Users
User Satisfaction Score
Times Walkthroughs Helped Users
9 Mn
Tooltips Used for Guided Navigation
Alerts of Useful Information with Pop-Ups

The Whatfix Solution

Personalized Onboarding and Learning:  PlanetHS created 41 walkthroughs to help users onboard the platform by themselves. And a group of these are shown as task lists, in-application training plans. Now, instead of spending approximately 45 minutes on the training call, users experience embedded learning and are trained in real time. Athletic directors can devote more time to help students with enrollment and coaching.

Autogenerated Training Content: Multiformats are used for delivering training in users’ preferred formats (videos, slideshows, PDFs, etc.) making training engaging. This content is generated and updated automatically, eliminating content creation time.

Self-Service Help: PlanetHS anticipated users’ support needs and created a self-service help catalog, which is shown in-application based on a user’s role. This drastically reduced support tickets, while meeting students’ expectations of ‘on-demand help’. With guidance always available, users made few mistakes.

In-App Surveys: Being customer-focused, PlanetHS gathers quarterly user feedback and historically emailed surveys. These had low response rates despite follow-ups. PlanetHS now sends in-app surveys through Whatfix, making surveys contextual and hence relevant, leading to high response rates.

PlanetHS Eliminates 190,000 Support Tickets with Whatfix

With Whatfix, PlanetHS has been able to replace 1:1 training with in-application walkthroughs and microlearning plans that train users in real-time, without disrupting their flow of work. Contextual self-service help is available right when users need it based on users’ roles and location in the application. By leveraging Whatfix’s various features and widgets, PlanetHS has been able to:

  • Eliminate 190,000 support tickets
  • Send useful alerts through pop-ups that have been displayed over 820,000 times
  • Show users useful tooltips over 9 million times for guided navigation
  • Help users execute tasks successfully over 320,000 times through walkthroughs
  • Receive a user satisfaction score of 5/5 from its users.

“With Whatfix, end-users are using our platform independently faster. Whatfix has given a broad reach to our training. The number of support calls and emails on basic navigational questions has become virtually zero.”

Marsha Bergen
Quality and Support

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