PlayOJO Created a More Engaging Player Experience With Whatfix

PlayOJO is a European online gaming casino that faced player onboarding and retention challenges as it scaled its player base. With Whatfix, PlayOJO created in-app experiences that provided contextual user onboarding, retained users with player engagement pop-ups, and reduced player drop-offs by fixing areas of user friction.


The Whatfix Difference


players interacting with Whatfix in-app content in the last 6 months.


support issues resolved with Whatfix Self-Help.


in-app Flows promoting the new ‘Hot or Cold’ feature played.

“It’s all about moving closer to our
players. Whatfix is helping PlayOJO transform the onboarding and adoption process, ensuring more players join the PlayOJO gaming community and enjoy responsible gaming.”

Dylan Rozario

Digital Marketing Executive, PlayOJO

The PlayOJO Story

PlayOJO - an Entertaining, Growing Online Casino

PlayOJO burst onto the online gaming world in 2017 with a fresh approach to rewards and bonuses. PlayOJO is growing exponentially, with slots, jackpots, live casinos, and other games now offered to customers everywhere from the UK, Sweden, Spain, Canada, and South America.

PlayOJO is for everyone: people the online gaming organization refers to as ‘the high rollers and just-for fun-guys, the feet-up-unwinders, and the buzzseekers’. With 3,000+ games available on the platform, its customer base was growing fast.

The Challenge

The Need for a More Personalized and Engaging User Experience

This success is not without its challenges. As customers join and games are added, PlayOJO needed to scale customer onboarding and blend that with an improved experience. A reliance on static, generic slide show content provided only a limited walkthrough of the registration process and journey on the platform. Players would manually click through a series of basic pop-ups, each explaining the game fundamentals – but not much more.

According to Dylan Rozario, Digital Marketing Executive, PlayOJO, an interactive, personalized onboarding experience was needed to deliver a more rewarding experience and continued growth.

“The tourslides explaining our unique features was buried in the ‘Help’ section and didn’t offer much. There are also pain points that the original onboarding slides could not address, such as uploading verification documents. This led to inevitable drop-offs. And frankly, the approach didn’t scale. Finally, to add or make changes to content, we needed to work through developers in the IT department which can take time.” said Rozario

The Solution

Engaging Players With Personalized In-App Communication & Promotions, Powered by Whatfix

PlayOJO standardized its in-app messaging and experiences with Whatfix to facilitate seamless gaming adoption and learning through personalized content, step-by-step guidance, and in-app communication. These guided pathways streamline and accelerate the onboarding of new customers, simplify the gaming experience, and increase customer satisfaction.


Intelligent and intuitive Whatfix features like guided pop-ups, beacons, and contextual self-help are transforming the platform experience. In the last six months alone, more than 500,000 unique users viewed Whatfix content. Some 21 pop-ups were shown more than 300,000 times and 26 flows were played more than 170,000 times – including over 62,000 ‘Hot or Cold explained’ flows. Almost 25,000 support queries were served.

For example, PlayOJO offers customers ‘Kickers’ – daily promotions personalised around individuals’ gaming routines. Rozario and his team created a series of popups linked to these Kickers, offering customers the option to participate in a recent ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ campaign.


PlayOJO experienced similar success with its exclusive ‘Hot or Cold’ feature, which shows players how each game performs, when the last big win occurred, and how popular the game is with other players. The PlayOJO team used Whatfix to create in-app pop-ups with content promoting the ‘Hot or Cold’ feature to specific player segments. The ‘Hot or Cold explained’ flow was played more than 62,000 times in just a few months. 


“We’re able to target specific player segments in specific geographies with a popup promoting Hot or Cold using Whatfix. By clicking on ‘Learn More’ players see a pop-up video of how the promotion works, with a Flow that leads users to a recommendation to play. The Whatfix DAP is so intuitive that we can have promotions like this developed and launched in just one day. And it’s all done by the Digital Marketing team – there’s no IT intervention.” said Rozario

Whatfix’s User Actions analytics capabilities are also used to understand customer interactions and analyze player behavior.

PlayOJO can follow players’ progress, even if they do not engage with Whatfix content. For example, the team can monitor the number of players that follow a flow to reach a new feature and the number that bypass the flow but continue to use the feature. PlayOJO also uses Whatfix for player surveys.

“We can quickly embed a Google Survey into a pop-up and distribute it to a targeted set of players. For example, we took a segment of several thousand players who had completed the ‘Hot or Cold explained’ Flow and asked for feedback. We received more than 800 responses in under 48 hours – that’s rich, intelligent feedback we can build into future content.” said Rozario

The Results

PlayOJO Wins With Whatfix

Whatfix is helping this forward-thinking online gaming business to rapidly onboard more customers, simplify the platform experience, and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, this agile and innovative DAP is helping the Digital Marketing team responsible for customer experience to be more agile and productive.

The specific benefits include:

  • Player Onboarding & Retention: By ensuring fast, effective game registration and adoption, Whatfix is helping PlayOJO to smooth the onboarding experience. For example, the registration (onboarding) journey is now more interactive, and critical site areas are highlighted more clearly. If players choose to close the onboarding journey via the pop-up, they still have the option to access it via the ‘Quick Tips’ (self-help) tab. Moreover, embedding a video into a particular step enables PlayOJO to deliver a more engaging user journey.
  • More Engaged Users: Intuitive, informative pop-ups, funnels, and other features are helping PlayOJO to understand better how customers navigate and use games. By making it easier to play, the organization is increasing game use. For example, PlayOJO recorded over 25,000 engagements with the pop-up associated with a ’Summer Spinoff’ promotion. This led to a 40% uplift in the number of opt-ins to the spinoff. As noted earlier, the ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ promotion had more than 21,000 engagements with the pop-up, including a 200% uplift in opt-ins within 24 hours of the pop-up going live.
  • Reduces User Dropoffs: The Whatfix DAP is helping to make the verification process more straightforward, such as uploading identity documents. This removes pain points, improves the user experience, and ultimately drives increased adoption.

Recently, for example, PlayOJO made changes to the onboarding journey (such as adding steps and removing the ‘Skip Tour’ option) to improve the completion rate. Following this, PlayOJO experienced a 165% increase in times played and a 154% increase in completion.

“It’s all about moving closer to our players. Whatfix is helping PlayOJO transform the onboarding and adoption process, ensuring more players join the PlayOJO gaming community and enjoy responsible gaming,” says Rozario.

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