Reed Uses Whatfix to Drive Modern-Day Digital Transformation

Executive Summary:

94% of newCRM users engaged with Whatfix

Reed Specialist Recruitment (Reed) is looking to the future. To stay in front of change, the UK’s leading recruitment business is deploying a modern, enterprise-wide customer relationship platform (CRM) to unite data, increase agility, and drive growth. However, as the pilot implementation progressed, it became apparent that Reed’s existing application onboarding techniques – consisting of self-help videos, user guides, and other processes – were delaying adoption. Employees continued to rely on the existing legacy CRM platform to complete tasks, for example, while the service desk experienced a high volume of calls for assistance.

Step forward Whatfix. By standardizing on an innovative Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform(DAP), Reed has created a complete, agile, and connected training and onboarding system. Chosen for its versatility and value, Whatfix is transforming the adoption of the CRM platform, offering step-by-step digital guidance to accelerate the successful CRM platform roll-out.

Some 94% of new CRM users engaged with their personalized Whatfix onboarding experience and more than 20,000 views on ‘smart tips’ demonstrates the increased visibility of new features. Meanwhile, Reed has experienced a 23% reduction in support calls per user within six months of the Whatfix launch, and self-help knowledge discovery has saved an average of two hours per user. Some 92% of more than 3,000 user feedback survey responses said they found the ‘Whatfix way’ of onboarding, training, and support to be effective.

Problem Statement

The Challenge of Migrating from Legacy to Modern Systems

Founded in 1960 with a vision to​ deliver the best recruitment experience anywhere, Reed is the UK’s number one recruitment business. Through top-of-the-line recruitment services, Reed helps companies find employees that match high expectations and overall recruitment goals. Whether employers are looking for temporary help, permanent solutions, or working to fill critical executive roles with the right person, Reed is their preferred partner for change.

Reed had been relying on a legacy CRM system for more than 10 years. As the organization grew, it became apparent that internal transformations were needed in order to sustain competitive advantage. One of the key steps has been to replace the legacy CRM systems with a new, more modern system – uniting processes and paving the way for successful digital transformation.

With an 18 months deployment timeline agreed, Reed began piloting the new CRM platform to between 50 and 100 users a month. Staff were trained using a suite of videos and user guides before onboarding, and subsequently through catchup calls and service desk tickets. This phased roll-out allowed continued feedback and development based on user requirements.

However, there were also many obstacles that prompted the team at Reed to seek a DAP. These included:

  • A high volume of service desk calls to address ‘how-to’ queries
  • Slow CRM platform adoption
  • Users reverted to the legacy application to execute tasks


Requirement to Increase Productivity and Mobility

After evaluating several DAP providers, Reed chose Whatfix for its ease of use and competitive pricing. The three key objectives for seeking out a new solution included:

  • Increase people productivity : Utilize modern systems and processes to improve working practices and user productivity.
  • Improve data quality and accuracy : Migrate required records and eliminate duplication of data.
  • Flexibility in accessing the system : With a dynamic work culture, it is imperative for sales teams to access work on-the-go. Reed wanted users to access the system in real-time and seek support while traveling, as opposed to only while at the workplace.

“We evaluated a number of Digital Adoption Platforms, eventually narrowing it down to Whatfix. We completed trial versions of both Whatfix and our alternatives. Ultimately, we chose Whatfix for the value it brings and the ease of use in creating in-app guidance.”

Callum Gordon
Product Support Manager at Reed

Reed began using Whatfix to facilitate training and onboarding in order to complete the rollout of their new CRM solution to the users in the first year.

With the onboarding of new users, Whatfix immediately provided in-app, contextual, and real-time process flows. This material was based on the previously created video content, allowing users to receive answers to questions at the point and time of need.

Additionally, Whatfix flows show users how to complete basic setup in the new system and how to complete simple tasks – such as searches – on their first day using the system.

Year one goals included full adoption of the new system. The goals for years two and three focused on improving engagement, increasing user knowledge, and everyday familiarity of the solution. Reed continues to use Whatfix for training on both new and underused CRM features as they are developed.

There are several reasons behind the continued popularity and broadening use of Whatfix:

  • Intuitive features : The simplicity of creating role-specific onboarding and help content to support users in real-time. Reed recognized that Whatfix’s WYSIWYG(‘what you see is what you get’) content creator is easy to learn and use, even on the most complex CRM systems.
  • Onboarding and training maintenance : New features and fixes are released every four weeks by the Reed product team. With Whatfix, the need to update help content for every version release is eliminated.
  • Exceptional customer success : Whatfix’s systematic and proactive approach during the trial evaluation and consultative support enabled Reed to collaborate on all aspects of rolling out a new DAP to their users.


23% Reduction in Support Calls within 6 Months


  • 94% of new CRM users engaged with their personalized Whatfix onboarding experience
  • 64% of all CRM users completed the 12-step mandatory CRM setup process through Whatfix


  • 20,000+ views on “Smart Tips” demonstrated the increased visibility of new features and highlight features that are not being utilized by many users.


  • 23% reduction in support calls per user within six months of Whatfix launch with 100+ Self Help Guides productivity gains
    • In-app training and self-help knowledge discovery saved an average of 2+ hours per user, given back to do what they are best at – Selling.
    • 92% (of 3,000+) user feedback survey responses said they found the “Whatfix way” of onboarding, training, and support to be effective.

Heightened User Knowledge, Decrease in Support Desk Inquiries, and Faster Adoption Rates

Thanks to the Whatfix real-time, in-app guidance, Reed has made the successful transition to the new CRM system and adapted to rapid changes in technology, with increased productivity and reduced support costs.

The journey, however, does not end here. Moving forward, Reed will use Whatfix to optimize and enhance the CRM user experience, using the platform to ensure the fast, successful adoption of new features. Whatfix has enabled Reed to lead its team effectively and efficiently through digital transformation by steering successful organizational change.

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