Syndigo Streamlines User Onboarding & New Feature Adoption With Whatfix's DAP

Syndigo (formerly Riversand) enables customers to maximize their investments on its Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) products with in-app guided user onboarding, customer communication, and walkthroughs for new feature releases.


The Whatfix Difference


users contextually onboarded with Whatfix’s in-app guidance.


customer engagement rate on its in-app customer communication Pop-Up.


increase in customer webinar attendance source to in-app Pop-Up.

“In my opinion, the Whatfix DAP is not just a tool that’s going to help me in realizing my vision of new, easy onboarding. I felt like this is a feature-rich platform, which is rolling out release after release of new features that can be incorporated in the user education experience.”

Nagamba S

Director of Riversand University at Syndigo

The Syndigo Story

The SaaS Leader in MDM and PIM Technology

A leader in the Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) space, Syndigo (formerly Riversand) uses its Riversand University to help companies maximize the power of their data. Riversand’s industry-recognized SaaS platform uses analytics and automation to help companies run their businesses more efficiently and improve customer experience.

Riversand was looking for a digital adoption platform (DAP) to make user onboarding more productive, but what they found in Whatfix was so much more. Riversand discovered a true partner in Whatfix—the partnership helped Riversand streamline onboarding, effectively communicate and share important information with global users, and collaboratively release new DAP features.

The Challenge

Enabling New Users With Contextual Onboarding for a Diverse Customer Use Cases

With diverse users in varying roles, Riversand started their search for an all-encompassing onboarding and end-user training platform. They were eager to make a digital transition and centralize training materials that previously forced users to switch between resources to find answers to their questions.

“We had a program with various trainings and the documentation in an offline mode. But the fact is that in today’s world, we don’t want our users to switch between the platforms to learn about features. That’s why we felt bringing learning in-app would enable our users,” said Nagamba S, Director of Riversand University at Syndigo.

Riversand also has a wide range of customers who needed varying levels of support. From multilingual users to those who required personalized content, Riversand sought a DAP that could provide role-specific, contextualized help.

The Solution

Riversand Partnered with Whatfix to Make Its Platform More User-Friendly and Drive Engagement

Whatfix’s user-friendly and feature-rich platform stood out to the Riversand team. With features like Flows, which allow for step-by-step training, and Self Help, customizable help, Whatfix was precisely what they needed to streamline software adoption and, most importantly, reduce the time switching between applications.

Nagamba shared that the Self Help feature has solved this issue entirely.

“Users can leverage Whatfix in-app help for any topics of their choice. This enables them to find the right information at the right time,” said Nagamba.

These customer-focused features were exactly what Riversand wanted, and they discovered other features that could benefit their business.

Self Help

“In my opinion, the Whatfix DAP is not just a tool that’s going to help me in realizing my vision of new, easy onboarding. I felt like this is a feature-rich platform, which is rolling out release after release of new features that can be incorporated into the user education experience,” said Nagamba.

Change management features have become a massive value-add for the Riversand team, including:

  • Pop-ups that notify their users of upcoming events or new features they were rolling out.
  • Beacons that alert customers of every user-related change on the platform.

As one of Whatfix’s tenured customers, Riversand has also collaborated with Whatfix to drive product direction.

When Riversand suggested including an automatic voiceover in a recent video feature roll-out, Whatfix took note and updated it. Nagamba said this had been a highlight when working with Whatfix.

“That’s the beauty, in a sense. The suggestions customers express have been taken as requirements, and Whatfix product teams have rolled them out in subsequent releases,” said Nagamba.

The Results

Riversand Embraced Interactive Online Training and Contextually Onboarded 18,000+ New Users

From industry specialists to customers, Riversand has seen an overwhelmingly positive response to Whatfix features. As the sales and product teams onboard users, they can now point to Whatfix when asked about additional training tools and support. The sales team takes advantage of showing off Self Help because “…it has become a value add. It’s a wow factor for us,” Nagamba said.

When the 2021 Gartner report ranked Riversand as a Leader in Master Data Management Solutions, they received the maximum rating for their user onboarding. They were able to share this news, as well as their recognition as Leader in Forrester’s Wave for Product Information Management, by using the Pop-Up feature. Impressively, the Gartner report Pop-Up was shown to 5,242 people with an 89% click-through rate.

Change management features also help Riversand advertise events like webinars to their users. While they used to use email to confirm webinar registrations, the Pop-Up feature allowed them to share a registration link directly in-app. This small change made a big difference.

“We had such an overwhelming response, you just cannot imagine.” Nagamba added, “the notification was shown to 3,000 people with an impressive 82% click-through rate, and the Riversand team saw a 200% increase in webinar attendance.

Riversand customers also understand the effort of offline training and appreciate the ease of using Whatfix features. Aside from the onboarding benefit, Riversand has also seen success with European customers conducting multilingual training and using Whatfix for French and Spanish translations.

The future is bright for the Riversand-Whatfix partnership. Riversand has recently been acquired by Syndigo, a leading SaaS product information and syndication company and the company has plans to grow their Whatfix use as they scale.

“Syndigo has their own product streams, so now I’m exploring the option of taking this Whatfix solution to all those product suites,” Nagamba said.

Riversand will also be taking steps to fully integrate their own learning management system into Whatfix’s Self Help. Finally, Riversand looks forward to diving deeper into Whatfix Analytics and reporting features to understand their user behavior better.

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Our customers use Whatfix for a variety of use cases, including: 

  • Supporting change and digital transformation efforts.
  • Contextual employee training, onboarding, and performance support across your entire software applications and digital processes.
  • Building UI elements such as product tours and walkthroughs for better user onboarding experiences.
  • Creating self-help portals to provide end-users and customers with on-demand guidance and support.
  • Building better employee and customer experiences through advanced product analytics and behavioral data.

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