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Shield HealthCare Reduced Employee Time to Competency with Whatfix

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Shield HealthCare, a leading medical supplies company, was using a complicated AS/400 tool to process insurance billing and medical supply sales. But Shield HealthCare was already working on a solution — a newer, more robust in-house tool, Core2, which made various processes more accessible and easier to implement for Shield HealthCare employees.
Shield HealthCare partnered with Whatfix, a digital adoption platform (DAP), to ease their employees’ transition to Core2. Their learning and development (L&D) team used Whatfix to create easily distributable, post-onboarding materials to decrease employees’ time to competency. Shield HealthCare teamed up with Whatfix to supplement existing live training sessions and help their teams quickly attain Core2 proficiency.

Shield HealthCare Developed Their Own In-House Tool But Needed Post-Onboarding Training Support

Shield HealthCare developed its own in-house tool, Core2, to replace legacy software that was complicated and difficult to use. With Core2, the team could access a unified dashboard and get things done faster. But it could only make things more efficient if their employees could effectively execute various complex processes within it.

When Shield HealthCare decided to develop Core2, they needed an application that could integrate with their new unified tool, create training content quickly, and distribute training materials. Shield HealthCare’s training specialists wanted a solution that would provide all of Shield HealthCare’s employees with self-paced training to encourage continued learning and true user adoption.

The problem was that their employees needed to learn a lot of new Core2 processes, but the tool had very little pre-existing help content. While training specialists conducted live, online training sessions for specific departments, they didn’t have a performance support system that went beyond initial training or a way to train the rest of Shield HealthCare’s employees. After completing a training session, employees understood the processes discussed but did not necessarily remember each step of the complex processes presented.

Shield HealthCare had an existing knowledge bank within their learning management system (LMS) that housed some self-help documents. Employees had to leave the Core2 application to access the knowledge base and search for what they needed. If they couldn’t find an answer to their question, they would have to wait for a colleague to become available so they could ask them. After identifying their primary need for post-training support and easier training material distribution, the training team decided to try out a DAP.

“The Whatfix platform has been easy to use and has allowed us to extend the reach of our performance support beyond the classroom training we provide,” Moscoe shared. “But the best part of the experience for me has been the incredible responsiveness and effectiveness of the support we receive from the Whatfix team.”

Shield HealthCare Worked With Whatfix to Quickly Create
Easily-Distributable Training Materials

Shield HealthCare’s training team identified walkthroughs and smart tips as the two Whatfix features they would need for post-training support, so the Whatfix Customer Success team made sure that training specialists could easily create content and use those two features.

Whatfix’s software integrated so well with the Shield HealthCare tool that Ryan Moscoe, senior training specialist, said that Whatfix made creating content a lot easier and faster, “I’ve always found it pretty easy to create content in Whatfix. It’s actually become a very fast, streamlined process.”

The Shield HealthCare training team created various types of learning materials with Whatfix’s walkthroughs. They created step-by-step guidance for user journeys and complex tasks so that employees had a database of walkthroughs that they could run if they ever felt lost. Training specialists also made other forms of training material using Whatfix’s multi-format content feature. After creating a walk-through, Shield HealthCare’s training specialists exported that walk-through into a video.

They also used smart tips, a feature used that adds definitions or reminders to application fields by displaying a short line of descriptive text. For example, rather than having to access a cluttered knowledge base to figure out what “Medi-Cal/Caid Subtotal” means, employees could merely hover over the term and a smart tip would appear with a description.Whatfix enabled the training team to support departments beyond their own by providing post-onboarding employee support.

Whatfix Reduced Shield HealthCare Employees’ Time to Competency

The training team was able to achieve what they had initially set out to do — support post-training learning by providing a reliable and effective training method that users could access anytime without leaving the Core² application. Michelle Norwood, corporate training at Shield HealthCare said, “With such a fast-paced work environment, having a training tool like Whatfix where users don’t have to leave the application to get the help they need, makes such a difference!”

Employees learned by doing by accessing Whatfix walkthroughs, which sped up time to competency and increased learning retention. Whenever they were confused about a certain process, all they needed to do was click on the Self Help tab located within the Core² application and a menu with relevant walkthroughs would appear. From there, they could help themselves without using up any additional company resources.

Moscoe imagined what it would be like without Whatfix. “Track time to proficiency. Not having a DAP would slow down time to proficiency, because every time employees have a question or are trying to figure out how to do, they’d have to leave Core² to get that answer.”

Because the training team was able to easily create various walkthroughs relevant to different departments, they were also able to achieve their secondary goal of providing training support across the rest of Shield HealthCare’s various teams.

Future Plans for Shield HealthCare and Whatfix

Moving forward, Shield HealthCare plans to continue using Whatfix to train new departments, support Utilization Management, and create training material for future Core² updates.

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