A Holistic Guide To Improving Salesforce Adoption


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Disruptive technologies are changing almost every business process. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is one such productivity-enhancing solution that seeks to revolutionize the people-oriented sales function. Considering the benefits of such a solution, most of you might have already invested in SFA (such as Salesforce). But is your sales staff even using this sophisticated tool? Are low Salesforce adoption metrics keeping you from deriving real ROI from the tool?

In this Ebook, you’ll learn about:

  • What are those challenges to your Salesforce adoption journey?
  • Reasons to build an effective Salesforce adoption strategy
  • Best practices to improve Salesforce adoption at your organization
  • Why Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) is an integral part of this process
  • The success achieved by top companies with regards to Salesforce adoption

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