S3:E25 • November 30, 2023 •
AI-Powered Learning: Reshaping Organizational Change in L&D

This episode of Digital Adoption Show commenced with Akhil, a business development manager at Whatfix, introducing Toby Newman, the senior L&D consultant at CH Robinson. The episode centered on AI-powered learning and its impact on organizational change in learning and development. Toby, renowned for his expertise in high-impact learning programs, discussed the importance of personal development in the era of AI. He emphasized the need to prioritize individual growth, sharing experiences from his role leading onboarding and well-being programs at C.H. Robinson.


During a rapid-fire segment, Toby revealed his preference for audio-based learning, discussing podcasts on history and psychological safety. He reflected on parenthood as a continual learning process.

As the conversation delved deeper into the influence of AI on L&D, Toby highlighted the slow adoption of new technologies in learning despite advancements elsewhere. He critiqued the L&D sector’s reliance on outdated methods like PowerPoint slides and PDFs due to budget constraints and hesitancy towards embracing new tech.

The discussion pivoted to emerging innovative methods gaining traction among employees, such as chatbots for nudge learning and platforms incorporating gamification, coaching, and mentoring.

Toby underscored the challenge of distinguishing distinct trends in the evolving tech landscape for L&D beyond these key elements, expressing a need for further advancements in accessible and cost-effective technologies for impactful learning experiences.

The conversation delved into the significance of adaptive and AI-powered learning in Learning and Development (L&D). Highlighting adaptive learning’s similarity to interactive scenarios seen in old gaming magazines, the discussion emphasized AI’s role in enabling personalized learning experiences without extensive coding, allowing scalable and automated solutions to be created. The integration of AI in L&D presents opportunities to comprehend skill gaps and tailor learning experiences.

The depth of AI-powered personalization emerged, illustrating how data-driven insights could transform L&D initiatives. ChatGPT’s ability to provide tailored recommendations based on individual preferences and needs was highlighted, enabling not just learning content but also specific instructions, practice suggestions, and reminders, radically enhancing learning efficiency.

The conversation foresaw challenges in traditional educational models, suggesting that AI integration would revolutionize learning across schools, colleges, and professional platforms. It emphasized that while AI streamlines processes, human skills like empathy and analysis remain invaluable.

The narrative emphasized ChatGPT’s integration as an indispensable tool across various work facets, emphasizing its seamless integration rather than being seen as a separate entity. The episode concluded with insights into utilizing ChatGPT effectively and embracing it as a conversational tool akin to an intern, advocating for a trial and conversational approach to maximize its potential.

The podcast concluded with gratitude to Toby Newman for sharing expertise and a reminder to listeners to explore AI’s transformative potential. Newman’s parting advice emphasized the value of experimenting with ChatGPT and engaging with it as one would in a conversation, acknowledging its assistance without replacing human involvement. The episode encouraged feedback and promised further explorations into the future of work.

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