S3:E29 • December 27, 2023 •
Season 3 Wrap-up!

The Digital Adoption Show concludes its season with a captivating compilation of top 5 discussions from season three, delving into revolutionary themes shaping the modern workplace. The curated selection spotlights impactful insights shared by industry experts.


Key Takeaways from Season 3

The episode kicks off by showcasing Dawn McKendry’s illuminating dialogue on digital adoption’s transformative impact on banking experiences. Dawn, an IT learning and development lead at Ameris Bank, emphasizes leveraging digital tools like Whatfix to bolster seamless customer interactions. By empowering employees with efficient tools, Dawn highlights the significance of instilling confidence in customers and employees, essential in the competitive banking industry.

Next, Carrie Berg, VP of L&D at Teladoc Health, challenges the misconception of separating personal growth from professional development. She emphasizes the overlap between personal ethos and professional growth, advocating for continual learning in all spheres of life. Carrie stresses the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in evolving as leaders, advocating for a broader understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

Ben Cowan, Director of Skills Strategy at Degreed, explores the concept of skill-based organizations. Cowan delineates how prioritizing skills in talent decisions reshapes organizational structures, leading to increased learning efficiency and strategic workforce planning.

Antoine Brossard, Global Director of Learning and Development at Philips, engages in an intriguing conversation, diving into the impact of skill-based development on organizational success. Brossard elucidates how the concept of skills transcends industries, applying universally from a barista at Starbucks to the CEO of a global financial institution. He emphasizes breaking down job roles into skills, capabilities, and knowledge domains, asserting its applicability across diverse work environments.

However, he highlights challenges in implementing this transformative approach. Traditionally, HR responds reactively to skill gaps identified by business leaders, which falls short in a rapidly evolving environment where employees need to learn new skills while unlearning outdated ones. Additionally, fragmented and insufficiently consolidated data on employee skills within organizations poses a significant hurdle, hindering comprehensive insights necessary for strategic decision-making.

The discussion then extends to Ayan Majumdar, Senior Director at The Adecco Group, sharing insights on HR technology in post-merger integration. His experience leading the integration between two companies with distinct performance management systems emphasized the need to amalgamate the best aspects from both, creating a more objective and cohesive framework, crucial for cultural alignment post-acquisition.

These discussions, among the top moments from the show, unveil the universality of skill-based development, its challenges in implementation, and its critical role in post-merger integration, promising an engaging Season 4 ahead. As the Digital Adoption Show wraps up Season 3, they invite audience feedback and anticipation for the upcoming season, promising more insightful discussions on the horizon. Overall, the season culminates in a compelling exploration of digital evolution, intertwining personal and professional growth, and redefining organizational paradigms through skill-centric approaches, all poised to shape the future of work.

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