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Achieve “Work From Home” Success with Remote Training Powered by DAS

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The trend for working remotely has been rising in popularity since the internet. Remote work has increased to 91% over the last ten years, according to Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs. Some experts predict that the coronavirus will impact business operations for many years and “work from home” will continue to rise in popularity. Employees may be wondering how to do their jobs and managers may be concerned with how to remotely onboard, train and manage their teams.

“Work from Home” requires knowledge of software applications related to an employee’s job functions. With a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), remote employees can stay current with technology through digital adoption widgets and increase their efficiency in how they use enterprise software.

Download and Read more to find out how a DAP can help you providing effective software training to your employees, ease out remote onboarding, maintain employee productivity,  and ensure overall business continuity.


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