Employee Onboarding

Delight new users with a seamless employee onboarding experience

Create personalized and engaging employee onboarding programs at scale and catapult your employees to rapid productivity

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Drive rapid employee onboarding with in-app guidance

  • Initiate the perfect handshake with a personalized employee onboarding experience
  • Welcome new users with the first call-to-action based on their role
  • Provide option to new users to discover the application with a guided tour
  • Design interactive walkthroughs and in-app self help to empower users to become proficient quickly
  • Analyze impact on onboarding objectives and optimize guidance flows in real-time
  • Guide your users to the high value features instantly by highlighting them
  • Enable users to complete some tasks and get some quick-wins so they feel that using the application will help them
  • Progressively help employees grow their digital expertise by sharing a broader set of processes and features
  • Create task lists with required tasks that a new user needs to complete in order to get started with the application
  • Track each user’s task completion rate and remind them when tasks are incomplete
  • Create a sense of achievement when tasks are completed and complete the feedback loop with surveys

Elevate employee experience with a personalized onboarding journey

Onboarding employees the right way decreases time to proficiency and improves productivity by 70%
Proper onboarding helps maximize employee lifetime value and improves retention rate by 82%

Of employees are more likely to stay in an organization for 3 years if they have a great onboarding experience

Of employees who go through a well-designed onboarding process hit performance goals

DA Business Analyst
Increase in retention rate in companies with efficient onboarding programs
User Level Tracking
More revenues for companies with engaged employees than those with low engagement levels

"Flipkart has always focused on making e-commerce simpler and more intuitive for customers and business partners alike. A service like WhatFix helps our huge affiliate network to onboard and gain in-depth understanding about the Flipkart Affiliate Program and manage their accounts more effectively"
Mausam Bhatt
Sr. Director – Marketing, Flipkart

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