How to Build an Enterprise DAP Business Case

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What’s in it for you?

In this white paper, we empower leaders like yourself to create an enterprise business case for pitching a DAP investment to other key organizational stakeholders – from department leaders to C-suite executives. You have realized that a DAP can help you overcome your organization’s technology-related challenges and empower your end-users to maximize their potential through software. Still, you need to familiarize other leaders with the concept of a DAP and showcase its positive ripple effects on proficiency and productivity across the organization.

In this DAP business case white paper, we:

  • Introduce and define the concept of a digital adoption platform.
  • Explore how a DAP empowers three specific business units across your organization by looking at the investment from the perspective of CIOs/IT leaders, HR/L&D leaders, and CROs/sales leaders – and explore real DAP use cases for each.
  • Identify your key problems that a DAP will help overcome and the related intended business outcomes, including the cost/benefit analysis and how to find data to support your DAP business case.
  • Help you consider the right questions when selecting a DAP vendor, from internal questions on “build vs. buy”, your “must-have” vs. “nice-to-have” DAP features, and the DAP vendor value adds that enables you with services that make a specific vendor more attractive than others.
  • Provide you with the evidence and frame-of-mind to secure buy-in on a DAP investment.

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