Announcing the Whatfix Innovation Awards for 2021

We’re excited to present our inaugural Whatfix Innovation Awards, celebrating customers that are driving change with new, creative approaches to digital adoption. The winner and runner-up for each category were announced today at our first-ever Customer Day at the Whatfix :SCALED Summit.

:SCALED is a three-day annual conference that brings together digital transformation and technology leaders to share digital adoption best practices, techniques, and trends.

Join us in congratulating the 2021 Whatfix Innovation Award winners and runners-up for their inspiring commitment to driving transformational impact through digital adoption.

Above: The trophies presented to all Whatfix Innovation Award winners and runner-ups in 2021.

Innovator of the Year Award Winner: Experian

The Innovator of the Year Award honors the best-of-the-best, based on the most innovative use of Whatfix. This year’s winner is Experian.

Experian is a consumer data company that provides free credit reports and FICO score monitoring. Experian was challenged with enabling its large sales organization with Salesforce after making a significant investment in the CRM platform. Initially, Experian invested in heavy employee training that focused primarily on set-up and tutorials.

The company found this traditional style of training to be ineffective and moved to an interactive, on-demand style of training that emphasized learning in the flow of work. With Whatfix, Experian was able to create in-app guidance flows and self-help resources that provided user assistance at the moment of need – improving its initial Salesforce CRM onboarding and reinforcement training.

With its new interactive learning methods powered by Whatfix, Experian was able to improve on its sales organization benchmarks – including:

  • 48% reduction in training content creation costs
  • 55% reduction in support tickets related to Salesforce
  • 72% increase in its sales org’s productivity

Experian continuously showed its commitment to investing in digital adoption with Whatfix, including:

  • Finding innovative solutions by being an early adopter and user of new Whatfix content creation and automation features inside its platform such as the content inspector, flow-on-standby, flow automation, and more.
  • Providing detailed feedback on newly rolled out beta features to help influence the Whatfix product roadmap, and platform as a whole.
  • Its contributions in advocacy activities, to benefit the larger digital adoption ecosystem, such as hosting webinars, joining Whatfix Meetups and User Groups, and more.

You can read more on how Experian met the challenge of empowering its entire sales organization with Salesforce, and found true technology ROI through digital adoption, in the Experian case study.

Innovator of the Year Award Runner-Up: Sentry Insurance

Special thanks to this year’s runner-up, Sentry Insurance. Sentry is a huge advocate of digital adoption, leveraging Whatfix to transform its entire organization’s training methods across its different internal departments of over 4,350 associates and 75,000 end-user customers.

The company leveraged Whatfix to sunset its classroom-style training and provide contextual, interactive training directly in its applications – with in-app guidance, interactive walkthroughs, popups, new feature beacons, self-help resources, task lists, and training surveys.

Culture Award Winner: Sentry Insurance

The Culture Award honors the Whatfix customer that exhibited the most innovative use of Whatfix to drive cultural change. This year’s winner is Sentry Insurance.

Sentry Insurance is a mutual insurance group based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin that works with SMB and commercial businesses. Sentry first came to Whatfix with a need to better tailor training content for its workforce on a variety of internal applications. Before Whatfix, Sentry struggled to efficiently create contextual training content that was effective for its different internal users. The company was also struggling to transform its training methods from a traditional classroom-style environment to a digital, learner-centric model.

With Whatfix, Sentry was able to create interactive training content presented to its employees in the flow of work. With in-app guidance, interactive walkthroughs, app popups, and self-help knowledge bases, it was able to transform its training methods across the following areas of its employee learning journey:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Continuous education and development
  • Update and new feature training
  • Refresher training
  • Issue-related support

Sentry found the Whatfix solution to be effective, resulting in the organization expanding Whatfix to six applications across the company – including external, customer-facing apps.

With Whatfix, Sentry was able to:

  • Reduce time to create training content by 40%
  • Save $950,000+ in resources dedicated to training and learning content creation
  • Train and provide learning resources to 4,350 associates and 75,000 end-user customers.

In addition, Sentry Insurance was named the Culture Award winner for:

  • Implementing highly innovative ideas to drive behavioral changes through digital transformation for its claims management department, which led to a 400 percent improvement in adoption in three months. The organization achieved this through a shift to self-help resources embedded in its apps, as well as by acquiring Whatfix buy-in from leadership teams and various stakeholders across the organization. Doing so demonstrated how to lead a change project successfully.
  • Gamifying its digital transformation efforts by embedding golden tickets in its newly launched self-help portals.
  • Emphasizing user feedback to improve its end-user experience by using surveys to collect user data via a pop-up window. Doing so allowed the organization to understand what’s working, what wasn’t working, and what steps their team needed to take next.

You can read more about how the organization transformed its training methods across its internal workforce, external users, and suppliers in the Sentry Insurance case study.

Customer Impact Award Winner: ICICI Corporate Internet Banking

The Customer Impact Award honors the Whatfix customer that best leveraged Whatfix to positively impact its customers. This year’s winner is ICICI Corporate Internet Banking.

ICICI Banking is a digital banking company for personal and business use. ICICI had a challenge of reducing the time-to-value for its corporate customers – as the organization found its customers were not finding ROI in its service until they reached the “aha!” moment. To train its corporate customers, the company was primarily using its email newsletter to provide product education on its services.

To accelerate its customer onboarding journey, ICICI needed a solution to drive customer engagement to empower them to find ROI with its service faster. With Whatfix, the organization was able to accomplish this by creating contextual onboarding and training scenarios – personalized for different company types. ICICI provided onboarding task lists, self-help materials, and smart tips for new and existing users to complete common activities, get familiar with its application, and reach the “aha” moment faster.

With the option to deploy Whatfix as an on-premise solution, ICICI was able to take advantage of Whatfix’s user training and development features while also designing customer security parameters needed to ensure trust from its corporate clients.

With Whatfix, ICICI Corporate Internet Banking was able to:

  • Improve its NPS score by 3-5 points
  • 50% reduction in support tickets on how to navigate its application and website
  • Reduce response time for its customer support team
  • Reduce the time-to-value for its customers

You can read more on how the company reduced its customers’ time-to-value and improved its customer support organization in the ICICI Corporate Internet Banking case study.

Pandemic Response Award: Avnet

Finally, the Pandemic Response Award honors the organization that had used the Whatfix digital adoption platform to creatively provide solutions to problems driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s winner is Avnet.

Avnet is a global leader and distributor of electronic components and services. Avnet recognized early in the COVID-19 pandemic that it needed more scale and agility to support customer workflows and inquiries given expected increases in digital engagement. The organization needed a digital adoption solution that could be customized and integrated with its e-commerce website, while also being able to create contextual flows to improve the experience for customers and provide more self-support.

With Whatfix, Avent was able to create an interactive, in-app experience that improved on and scaled its customer self-service experience. This included launching new beacons and smart tips that highlighted key features and setup details during user onboarding, as well as guided popups and flows that empower its users to find their “aha” moment faster.

Avnet was able to go live with Whatfix in only 57 days – and instantly saw improvement in new user sign-ups as well as a reduction in support tickets. With Whatfix, Avnet now has an interactive, state-of-the-art in-app user experience used by over 400,000 users.

Additional, the company was named the Pandemic Response Award winner for:

  • Driving a 132% increase in new-user signups by nudging its end-users to create an account with in-app beacons and guidance flows that pointed new users to create an account.
  • Reducing the number of support tickets by 35% after an initial pandemic spike by using Whatfix to identify the root causes of support tickets and building in-app smart tips and product beacons to highlight solutions to reduce support inquiries.
  • Taking both of these digital transformation efforts that were a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic live in only 57 days.

Digital Adoption Center of Excellence Award: AutoZone

Finally, the Digital Adoption Center of Excellence Award honors the Whatfix customer that exhibited the most innovative use of a Center of Excellence to drive adoption, governance, co-innovation, and value management. This year’s winner is AutoZone

Thanks again to all of the award winners – and to all of our customers!

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up for their commitment to innovatively transforming through the benefits of digital adoption. You can learn more driving digital adoption with Whatfix here.