Whatfix Prepares Its Digital Adoption Platform for the Future of Work with New Industry Tools

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“Whatfix’s new industry tools take a persona-based approach to adoption. It moves beyond the adoption of individual tools and processes by widening the lens to view digital adoption in the context of all relevant tasks and workflows associated with a given industry role.”

Conner Forrest
Senior Analyst, Workforce Productivity & Collaboration, 451 Research

What’s in this report?

2021 set the stage for the continued growth of the digital adoption platform (DAP) market. As organizations rushed to adopt new digital work practices and tools, and digitally onboard new employees, many leaders began to prioritize work effectiveness and time-to-value in productivity – looking for tools that supported these challenges.

Whatfix capitalized on this interest in 2021, experiencing annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth of +76% and net revenue retention (NRR) rate growth of +132% among its enterprise customers (defined as those with 5,000-plus employees). Along with this growth, a new funding round and an acquisition, Whatfix extended its go-to-market strategy around new offerings that packaged persona-based DAP content, task automation, and process support in key areas such as sales, HR, and more.

In this new 451 Research report, Senior Research Analyst Conner Forrest explores:

  • The growing interest in DAP and what customers demand from the market.
  • The most important elements of work effectiveness and evolving DAP needs.
  • How Whatfix is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges and needs.
  • An in-depth overview into Whatfix, including its product offerings, financials, and market position.

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