New Tech: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q2 2022

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“All enterprises undergoing accelerated digital transformations face similar challenges: an increasingly complex enterprise application environment, the continuous addition of new software, and an overwhelmed workforce trying to adapt to these changes. Global software decision-makers reported that more than 40% of their organization’s software spending in 2021 went to new software licenses and new custom software solutions. DAPs are emerging as catalysts for managing digital transformation, with purpose-built features to enable users to do more with enterprise applications” – New Tech: Digital Adoption Platforms, Q2 2022, by

Vasupradha Srinivasan
Senior Analyst at Forrester

What’s in this report?

In this new report from Forrester, Vasupradha Srinivasan discusses how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) provide enterprise organizations with the tools to drive and improve the adoption of enterprise applications with detailed analytics and insights into how employees are using these tools.

They discuss how DAPs were essential for adapting during COVID-19, and will continue to provide contextual guidance on digitalization journeys for enterprise organizations creating onboarding, upskilling, and reskilling learning paths for their employees. In particular, Srinivasan notes that DAPs empower organizations to:

  • Improve adoption and usage of enterprise applications.
  • Optimizing enterprise spending on software applications.
  • Improve overall employee experience (EX).

From this report, enterprise technology leaders and employee experience professionals will be able to better understand the digital adoption platform landscape and learn about 17 vendors in the space to help them embark on their digital adoption journey.

In this new Forrester report, Senior Analyst Vasupradha Srinivasan explores:

  • Why the DAP market is rapidly growing.
  • The exponential DAP market size growth.
  • An overall breakdown of 17 DAPs by market presence and functionality
  • How various vendors focus on a blend of pure digital adoption, product behavior insights, and content creation & learning platforms.

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