The State of Digital Adoption for CRM

CRM is becoming the most popular tool across industries. Having grown at 14% CAGR since 2010, the CRM market is booming and is estimated to reach $48B in 2020. However, the same cannot be said for CRM adoption, with more than 50% of businesses stating their adoption is below 90% according the CSO Insights.

This study was conducted across 500 US enterprises to gain insights into their adoption challenges and to emphasize the need for a Digital Adoption Solution. In this report, you will find thought-provoking insights such as:

– Enterprises reported a median annual savings of $8.7M from improved digital adoption of CRM.
– 90% believe that improved CRM adoption will lead to higher sales rep productivity and reduce sales cycle time.
– ~70% believe that providing personalized digital guidance and self-help within a CRM via a Digital Adoption Platform will increase usage and adoption.

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