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What’s in it for you?

In this report, we share key findings and trends on digital adoption in 2023. Specifically, we highlight seven trends impacting digital adoption all organizations should know to find technology ROI and maximize productivity.

In Whatfix’s new Digital Adoption Trends 2023 Report, we surveyed over 1,100 software users to understand how they are prepared for the digital workplace – and uncovered some alarming data.

  • 33% of employees received an hour or less of training & onboarding when using new software.
  • 78% of software users lack the expertise of the tools they use daily and could use additional training.
  • 51% of software users surveyed said their company doesn’t offer role-based software onboarding, training, or user support

It also explores how low adoption has a cause-and-effect across organizations, negatively impacting company goals, outcomes, and productivity. We also cover the major digital adoption trends to overcome the challenges highlighted in the report.

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