Empowering Individuals and Organizations Through Digital Adoption

Whatfix expands digital capabilities through contextual experiences designed to increase proficiency and productivity across all applications for everyone, and every team.

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Continuously Improving (for) All

Analyze. Build. Deliver. It all happens actively through the Whatfix platform, so you can continuously optimize experiences for all users with in-app, personalized digital adoption.

Understand Behavior

Draw insights about users from everyday interactions with the applications your organization utilizes, like where they're succeeding, and where their lives could be made easier.

Optimize Content

Intuitive tools on the Whatfix platform allow for easy development, deployment, and improvement of application training without the typical strain on internal IT and support teams.

Provide Guidance

Highlight and address the specific needs of each application user in the moment with contextual cues, allowing for exponential growth and benefit across every organizational role.

Product Features

Products Built to Empower People

Build up the capabilities of each individual in your organization through interactive guidance, developing best practices that span the integrated applications they use every day.


Tailor experiences to specific user segments, and improve them as you learn more about their needs.

Self Help

Knowledge bases are built directly into the in-app experience, putting each user in charge of their own development.

Task Lists

Create effective roadmaps to progress by application experts in your own organization, and monitor their efficiency in real time.


Conduct interactive surveys, send friendly reminders, even make organization-wide announcements in a few simple steps.


Communicate feature updates and process changes to every user with ease, improving speed to productivity across all applications.

Successful Organizations Start With Empowered Individuals

See how your organization can benefit from integrating the Whatfix platform into your daily workflow.

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By The Numbers

The Whatfix Difference

Increase in employee productivity
Reduction on support queries

Reduction in training content creation costs

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