Scalable Success With Software

Whatfix removes the barriers between your users and true productivity across all software. Our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) analyzes and automates processes, providing step-by-step guidance within each application.

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Know How in No Time

Supporting your organization’s employees and customers happens easily with Whatfix. Our intuitive platform delivers higher software engagement through customized nudges, helping you achieve better, faster results across all of your most important digital initiatives.



Employee-focused Benefits

Prime your organization for seamless adoption on new and existing software.

Accelerate Employee Onboarding
Drive successful onboarding programs using real-time nudges toward best practices.

Boost Employee Productivity
Experience a 125% productivity increase through in-app guidance and automation.

Empower Software Users
Augment traditional training programs by learning while doing within each unique application.

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Customer-focused Benefits

Expedite your customers’ understanding and proficiency with the software they use every day.

Boost User Adoption
Multiply your power user base by highlighting and training on key application features.

Increase Engagement and Loyalty
Expand your customers’ ability to get the help they need within your application.

Reduce Overhead Costs
Experience a 45% reduction in support tickets through prompted user self-service solutions.

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By The Numbers

The Whatfix Difference

Higher employee productivity
Fewer support tickets

Reduction of training content creation costs

Faster launches for enterprise applications

Faster time-to-proficiency for new employees
Faster time to knowledge discovery

Product Features

Turn Every User Into a Power User

The Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) adapts to the way your team needs it, providing helpful information and nudges within each application. These personalized, contextual experiences are designed to increase proficiency and productivity across all of your integrated software.


Tailor experiences to specific user segments, and improve them as you learn more about their needs.

Self Help

Knowledge bases are built directly into the in-app experience, putting each user in charge of their own development.

Task Lists

Create effective roadmaps to progress by application experts in your own organization, and monitor their efficiency in real time.


Conduct interactive surveys, send friendly reminders, even make organization-wide announcements in a few simple steps.


Communicate feature updates and process changes to every user with ease, improving speed to productivity across all applications.


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