Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently initiated the #StartupIndia Movement by unveiling a 19-point action plan for startups & enterprises in India. This ambitious program by the Government of India received a positive applause from the startup ecosystem and is aimed at nurturing and promoting entrepreneurship and startups extensively.
The event which was held at Vigyan Bhavan on January 16 saw the participation of a stream of young and established entrepreneurs, top government officials, and venture capitalists.
While we look forward to the success of the Startup India initiative, here are 25 quotes from the speakers at the launch event that is bound to inspire the entrepreneur in you!


Startup India Quotes - Narendra Modi
[Tweet “We have a million problems, but at the same time we have over a billion minds #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Arun Jaitely
[Tweet “Startups represent the changing social profile of India, and the mindsets of Indians #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Nirmala Sitharaman
[Tweet “Startup India is an initiative to facilitate budding entrepreneurs. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Travis - UBER
[Tweet “Have a champion’s mindset. Put everything you’ve into it; any less & you’ll fail. #StartupIndia”]
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Startup India Quotes - Nikesh Arora
[Tweet “Stay focused on effectively solving customer’s problem. The money will come. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Vijay Shekhar - Paytm
[Tweet “India will leapfrog plastic into digital money faster than any other country. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Bhavish Agarwal
[Tweet “The challenge we face is in talent. It takes bandwidth and time to get talent and build a team. #StartupIndia”]
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Startup India Quotes - Adam Neumann
[Tweet “Success is not just making money. It is happiness, success is fulfillment, it’s the ability to give. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Shaili Chopra
[Tweet “There’s 50% jump in the women participating in the startup ecosystem in the last 2 years. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Varsha Rao
[Tweet “Rather have a 100 customers that love you, than a million customers that like you. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Masayoshi Son
[Tweet “You can’t burn money mindlessly, make smart investments. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Sachin Bansal
[Tweet “As a startup, you must go after money which understands the business. #StartupIndia”]
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Startup India Quotes - Kunal Bahl
[Tweet “Economic incentives are not enough to retain the best employees. It’s about culture & team spirit. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Nirmala Sitharaman

[Tweet “India is ranked 3rd behind US & UK, all purely due to the efforts of young entrepreneurs. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - ND Shashank
[Tweet “We never gave up on our dream. We entrepreneurs have a responsibility to deliver for our country. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Anisha Singh
[Tweet “I want to be recognized as a successful entrepreneur, not just as a successful woman entrepreneur. #StartupIndia”]
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Startup India Quotes - Anup Pujari
[Tweet “Dear startups, please articulate your problems for us, we are not as smart as you! #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Radhika Aggarwal
[Tweet “The appetite of a horse is different from that of an elephant. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Sairee Chahal
[Tweet “Build the new, don’t just fight the old. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Sharad Sharma
[Tweet “Silicon Valley innovated for the world’s 1st billion, India will innovate for the next 6 billion. #StartupIndia”]
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Startup India Quotes - Masayoushi son
[Tweet “I look into the eyes of the entrepreneur before making investments. Their eyes are sparkling! #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Jayant Singha
[Tweet “Startup India is focused on boosting private sector entrepreneurship. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Shanti Mohan
[Tweet “Women need to be on all panels, not just women entrepreneur panels! #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - B Sanrhanam
[Tweet “Make in India and Startup India must include Innovate in India. #StartupIndia”]


Startup India Quotes - Narendra Modi
[Tweet “Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction. #StartupIndia “]
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