Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform

By making it easy for everyone to adopt technology, Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform enhances user efficiency, enterprise productivity and business outcomes.

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Digital Guidance That’s Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time and Autonomous — Across Enterprise Apps


Make your content engaging and valuable by deeply personalising it for a user


Promote learning by doing, inside the applications. Whatfix content is dynamic, giving users a better way to learn

Real time

With content that adjusts to a user’s needs, improve user productivity with the right information, at the right time


Whatfix auto executes tasks, leading to productivity gains. Automate empty clicks, data retrieval and data entry.

Drive Digital Adoption with Whatfix

Enable Learning In The Flow Of Work

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform reinforces training through LMS-integrated Microlearning. Help users learn in the way they prefer.

  • Support preferred learning styles with auto-generated articles, videos, PDFs, slideshows etc.
  • Empower L&D managers and content creators to auto-create content
  • Achieve 60-85% reduction in content creation and updation costs
  • Reduce time spent in classroom training and ongoing online training by 40-60%
  • Leverage LMS (with SCORM and xAPI compliance) to manage formal & on-the-job training.

Transform Everyday Users Into Super Users With Deep Engagement

Use Whatfix to provide effective application onboarding for new users and support existing users throughout their journey.

  • Welcome new users with personalized messages and product tours
  • Provide live step-by-step guidance with flows to help users execute tasks
  • Use scheduled alerts and announcements to keep users aware of changes
  • Use automatically created segments for effective user targeting; eliminate huge manual effort
  • Achieve higher data quality with real-time data validation on form fields
  • Reinforce learning with ‘see-live’ to bring users in-app and to execute tasks.

Help Users Make A Smooth Transition To The ‘New Way’

Make it easy for users to adapt to change. Use Whatfix to keep employees aware of changes and train them on app and process changes.

  • Run effective change management, with executive communication, alerts and training
  • Significantly reduce content updation effort by using auto generated multiformats
  • Guide users on high-value features and changes to keep users productive and reduce disruption
  • Ensure compliance through hand-holding users about changes and continual reinforcement
  • Measure the impact of change by user and trainer analytics.

Reduce Manual Effort Using Automation Of Flows And AI

Empower users to do more with less. Help employees focus on productive activities that lead to business results, while driving digital adoption.

  • Auto-execute repetitive tasks and save precious user time
  • Keep power in the hands of users: automate flows to the point of manual decision/user action
  • Deep element detection to automatically identify elements on the page during flows creation
  • Allow uses to find answers in-app, to answer ‘what is’ questions, by letting Whatfix do the work
  • Use chatbots integration to surface answers in-app, without users needing to log in to the app.

Continually Measure And Improve Your Content

Understand which content users are benefiting most from and continually optimize content for better performance.

  • View metrics that show where users are struggling or abandoning the process
  • Track and measure the number of users in training
  • View effectiveness of existing content, onboarding tasks, training plan
  • Identify opportunity for creating new content based on unsuccessful search terms
  • Gather real time feedback with in-app surveys and improve content.

Reduce Friction With 24×7 Personalised Digital Assistance

Users in today’s on-demand age, find it frustrating to create support-tickets. Whatfix helps users find answers by themselves, while you reduce support costs.

  • Reduce support costs by up to 60% by providing real-time, in-app help
  • Contextually show existing knowledge bases content in-app; solve queries in real time
  • Deliver contextual help over various channels: LMS, knowledge bases, chatbots, support tools
  • Reuse Whatfix content within support tools and guide users to self-address queries.

Why Choose Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform

Adoption Everywhere

Show the right content at the right time for every user using Whatfix’s content exchange capability. We contextualize all your enterprise knowledge (knowledge bases, web content etc.) and surface it in-app. Users get updated training and support in multiple formats, no matter where they are.

Easy to Deploy and Maintain

Anyone can simply walk-up to the Editor and author content without coding. Our AI algorithms precisely detect elements webpages and automatically segment content based on user, role and in-app location, reducing maintenance effort. We provide a free onboarding service for the first roll-out.

Highest Customer Satisfaction

Whatfix has been rated the highest in customer satisfaction in the G2Crowd DAP grid and has consistently received an NPS score of >65 from global customers. We become a partner in our customers’ digital transformation journey and ensure they achieve the desired results.

Open Ecosystem

Enterprises prefer best of breed systems and want to leverage existing systems. Whatfix doesn’t require you to replace your systems and fosters an open ecosystem by integrating with the highest number (50+) of enterprise technologies: analytics tools, chatbots, knowledge bases, LMS, surveys.