Out of the box Salesforce adoption and training methods that works!

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The effectiveness of your Salesforce implementation entirely depends on how well your adoption process and training methods are planned. Possibly, to make sure that your Salesforce Adoption is effective, you would have already implemented some of the most recommended practices.

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Out of the box Salesforce adoption and training methods that works!

Key Takeaways

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms in the world which helps you save time and resources, and increase productivity. But, reaping these benefits requires successful Salesforce Adoption. Organizations often struggle with successful Salesforce implementation due to a lack of Salesforce user adoption, leading to a loss in productivity and a drop in ROI.

In this Salesforce Adoption webinar series our guests will be discussing their experiences with Salesforce, the challenges they faced, and their unique approaches to solving the Salesforce adoption rate averages!

In the webinar, we sat down with Tigh, a 2X Salesforce MVP, VP of Marketing Tech for Elegran Real Estate, and Trailblazer Community Group Leader for Pardot B2B Marketing, to discuss his experiences and perspective on Salesforce implementation. Here’s a sneak peek at the key takeaways from this webinar.

  • Why do we need to think about accelerating Salesforce adoption
  • Challenges to successful Salesforce adoption
  • How do companies like Elegran approach Salesforce adoption
  • How does Whatfix figure into the Salesforce user adoption process

The Salesforce Story of Elegran

Elegran has built-in a number of customizations and integrations to allow organization-wide use of the CRM. And this is how they planned the Salesforce implementation process.

“We focus group tested our sales users, followed it up with anonymous surveys. Then, we scoped the project, setting milestones, and deadlines for delivery, beta-tested features with small groups of salespeople in hopes of making them champions and trainers post-go-live.” 

Salesforce implementation process gets refined over and over again, involving a significant amount of time, resources, and effort. But even after investing so much, your Salesforce implementation cannot be successful without proper Salesforce adoption.

Understanding the Challenges to A Successful Salesforce Adoption

Most of the challenges in the Adoption Lifecycle are primarily people’s challenges that are spread throughout the users’ lifecycle on the application. Here are the 3 major challenges in Salesforce adoption.

  1. Lack of extensive induction and training
  2. One-time training sessions have a low knowledge retention rate
  3. Inadequate support

According to Tigh, one of the biggest challenges of Salesforce implementation was the unwillingness of the users to “unlearn” what they were used to and learn a new platform.

This brings us to another important element in Salesforce adoption – The “What’s in it for me” factor.

Why is Salesforce Adoption So Important?

Any implementation involving time, effort, and resources is expected to translate into tangible benefits for users.

For organizations, it should set up better sales processes and allow better employee management. For employees, there should be an increase in productivity, improved sales, and reduced learning time.

Tigh emphasized the importance of making the features of an application indispensable to performing parts of the sales process in order to get every employee to adopt the application.

Accelerating Salesforce Adoption With Out of the Box Techniques

Defining a seamless Salesforce adoption starts with influencing users to engage more with it.

During the webinar, Tigh explained Salesforce adoption best practices which Elegran streamlined for their Salesforce adoption.

  1. Using tutorials, learning management systems, and knowledge base articles built into the system to ensure consistent training.
  2. Adopting Salesforce dashboards to monitor the performance and progress of sales teams.
  3. Integrating Salesforce Einstein and Pardot to accelerate Salesforce adoption.

When it comes to Salesforce Adoption, success hinges on the execution of strategies, right from the user’s first interactions on Salesforce. This would increase product adoption, decrease support costs, and boost your sales productivity.

This is where you face the need for a solution. One that takes care of adoption from when they are onboarded for the first time throughout their entire lifecycle on the application. A digital adoption solution, to be more precise.

How Whatfix Comes Into The Salesforce Adoption Picture

Digital Adoption Solutions like Whatfix enable end-users to become more productive on web applications like Salesforce by spending less time on it.

Whatfix allows you to offer consistent training and support to your end-users through the use of in-app guidance. The digital adoption platform can be used to create and deliver contextual and highly relevant content exactly when they need it. Users can learn at the same time while they are on the application with the help of interactive content. This improves the ongoing learning and training process, reduces the number of support queries, and brings down the total cost of an application.

If you’ve missed our webinar or want a more extensive understanding of how Whatfix accelerates Salesforce adoption, simply register for our on-demand webinar recording here.

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