Salesforce Adoption and Migration Masterclass

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In this webinar, we’ll discuss some awesome ideas for you to try out on Salesforce Lightning. Also, if you are not on Salesforce Lightning yet, this webinar will give you some really compelling reasons as to why you should migrate to Salesforce Lightning.

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Salesforce Adoption and Migration Masterclass

We know for a fact that Salesforce Classic isn’t going away anytime soon, but at the same time, Classic to Lightning migration is a critically important function right now, because of the innovation, new features, and new components associated with it. If you are already using Salesforce Lightning, we’ll discuss some awesome ideas for you to try out. And if you’re not, this post also features perspective from Kelly Walker, Sr. Lightning Adoption Consultant at Salesforce, will give you some really compelling reasons as to why you should migrate to Salesforce Lightning.

Here is the agenda for our masterclass on Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration –

  • Why move to Salesforce Lightning?
  • Ensuring seamless Salesforce adoption and transition remotely
  • How to plan your Salesforce adoption strategy?
  • Top Salesforce adoption and migration tools and best practices
  • Key metrics to measure for Salesforce adoption

Why move to Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is so much more than just a different UI. It also brings a new degree of enhanced productivity. Lightning has a component-based structure which allows you to modify the pages based on the user needs. Hence a sales individual can look into a record much differently than a service individual or an executive, which makes everyone more productive. It also allows for increased adoption and collaboration.

The top three features that make Lightning better than Classic are:

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Increased Adoption & Collaboration
  • IT Productivity & Cost Savings

Traditional Salesforce Adoption Challenges

The biggest challenge for Salesforce implementation is low user adoption and engagement, due to the unfamiliarity and complexity of CRM. This happens generally due to a lack of persistent training knowledge. Salesforce is amazing, but it’s also sophisticated. It’s not something that users can learn in one session: it takes time to get used to it.

Ensuring Seamless Salesforce Adoption and Transition Remotely

Adoption challenges are definitely not something new. But as we have started to move into working remotely, there are some new challenges that have come along:

  • Working from home
  • Limited time/resources
  • VPN/connectivity issues

Having said that, there are also a lot of opportunities that come with moving to Lightning and working through adoption, while we continue to work remotely:

  • Invested stakeholders
  • Process review
  • Plug-in to an extended network

Adoption Methods Recommended by Salesforce

Collaboration: Always work with your teams, let them know what’s available, show them what is new to Lightning, and listen to what they do.

Communication: Communication is a two-way street. You don’t want to just tell your users that something new is coming; rather, you want to allow them to give their feedback. Do listen to your users and incorporate their thoughts as much as you can.

Transformation: Take time to sit down with your users, understand them, work with them, communicate with them, and from there, you start working towards transformation.

Why Invest Your Time and Money on Salesforce Adoption?

It is important to make sure that your team understands and adopts Salesforce in their daily work life. And ultimately, if you implement it successfully, the results will start showing in terms of:

  • High sales productivity
  • Decreased training costs
  • Increased time savings
  • Huge reduction in sales and support efforts

Planning out your Salesforce Adoption Strategy

Here are some best practices for you to plan your adoption strategy:

  • Set SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) transition and adoption goals
  • Devise change management strategy
  • Run trials of Salesforce Lightning
  • Phase the rollout

Top Salesforce Adoption and Migration Tools

A few tools that can help you with the Salesforce adoption and migration process:

  • Lightning Experience Transition Assistant
  • Salesforce Optimizer
  • Chatter, Quip
  • External Resources – Trailhead, Blogs, Videos
  • User engagement platform

Key Metrics to Measure for Salesforce Adoption

Wondering how you can track user adoption in your organization? Here are a few metrics that can help you:

  • Last login date
  • Number of records created in the past 30  days
  • Number of meetings, tasks completed
  • Number of open Opportunities set to close in the next 90 days
  • Value/number of won opportunities
  • Lead time
  • Frequency of reports being run
  • First contact resolution

Accelerate Salesforce adoption with Whatfix

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform helps drive a successful Salesforce adoption strategy, unlock higher sales productivity, save training costs, and achieve faster Salesforce ROI. Whatfix ensures user adoption of Salesforce features and processes, helping companies foster a culture of digital innovation, onboard employees quickly, avoid mistakes, all while adapting to changes while they work.

Whatfix has been serving Salesforce customers for many years with in-app guidance, making sure that they learn by doing. Whatfix Digital Adoption Solutions helps organizations with on-demand task-based training, learning in the flow of work, and contextual support that accelerates user adoption. It can be used to create and deliver contextual and interactive content based on a specific role. All these features provided by Whatfix improves ongoing learning and training process, reduces the number of support queries, brings down the total cost of an application, and increases user adoption.

So these were some of the key takeaways from our masterclass on Salesforce adoption and migration. In case you missed it or want a more extensive understanding of how Whatfix accelerates Salesforce adoption, you can simply register for our on-demand webinar recording by filling up the above form.

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