[STC Webinar] Creating Content That Is Intelligent

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In this webinar, our experts will be sharing insights on:

  • How organizations are tackling digital HR change in 2020
  • What are the pillars that underpin the success of any Cloud HR technology transformation
  • How crucial Digital Adoption is to providing a modern HR experience to employees, ultimately leading to a successful HR transformation

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[STC Webinar] Creating Content That Is Intelligent

What’s in it for you?

Information and the way it has been presented & consumed has changed over the years. Users and Products are becoming smarter. But has information been able to keep pace? Are we still expecting users to go out and find help when they need it? Contextual help is a solution.

But anyone who’s created it will tell you about how difficult it is to create content when the product design itself is very fluid. One of the solutions is to create ‘intelligent’ content. Listen in to this presentation to learn about the following:

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Organizing information for products in a manner that improves feature discoverability by more than 25%
  • Creating contextual in-app information using 35% less time than it usually takes – with little to no dependency on your dev team
  • Creating content that does not merely give information about a task, but can perform the job!
  • Reusing existing content INSIDE your app

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