How the Adaptive Learning Experience is Shaping HR Technology Transformation

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In this video, we will discuss how the traditional approaches to user training and change management have changed and also explain why user adoption remains the fundamental pillar underpinning the success of any Cloud HR technology transformation.

We’ll also be sharing how organisations are successfully using digital adoption tools to accelerate change whilst deploying their new HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management solutions.

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The Intersection of HR Change and Digital Adoption

About this Video

How can you ensure that your workforce is ready to embrace HR change and adopt the new system efficiently?

In this video, we’ll be sharing how organisations are successfully using Digital Adoption tools to accelerate change whilst deploying new HR, Payroll, and Workforce Management solutions.

Adam Wright and Rachel Lehmann, HR and Change experts from Pinpoint HRM will share their experiences on:

  • Why user adoption is critical to HR tech innovation
  • What successful change management and adoption looks and feels like
  • How creative digital tools can accelerate HR system adoption and change

“Even if an organisation has the best and most innovative technology, it cannot live up to it’s potential unless employees embrace it” says HR tech expert Rachel Lehmann. “Classroom training, FAQs, reference guides and instructional videos are no longer an appropriate way to get users onboarded to a new system”

While the one-time training sessions build awareness and interest, the How do I do this type of questions are still left unanswered once the project is live. The burden then falls on the HR team to field the many calls from users looking for those answers.

Another critical issue is that cloud HCM solutions have regular functional and technical updates released from the vendor which then requires the HR team to continuously update user documentation and videos which is an additional time consuming administrative task.

How can change and adoption be successfully implemented with a new HCMS?

Change efforts must start early in the project and initial campaigns need to generate curiosity amongst users, getting them to willingly log in and engage with the system once it is released. Although the traditional one-time training strategies do build awareness they don’t keep users engaged in the longer-term.

The new-gen change strategy is very different from what it used to be. Because all information sits within the Digital Adoption Platform(DAP) there’ll be less need for pre-go-live or post-go-live training. DAP enables on-demand task-based training, learning in the flow of work, and contextual support that accelerates user adoption and reduces the number of support tickets. The business also gains great insight into how the users are interacting with the HCMS via analytics that can track where users are accessing help or disengaging with the system. These insights can be used to create an enhanced user experience and accelerate adoption.

With a Digital Adoption Platform, the HR team is no longer interrupted by user queries so they can focus their time on other high value activities and providing better services to the business. This is a win for everyone.


About Whatfix

Whatfix is the ultimate digital adoption solution that provides end users with all the support and guidance they need in the flow of work.

The Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform provides contextual help inside the application itself. It deploys a layered approach to the adoption from accelerating the onboarding of new users to ongoing learning and training processes to reducing the number of support queries and overall cost of application. All this is achieved by bringing highly relevant information inside the application making it contextual based and interactive according to the user profile. It is also backed up with robust analytics to track user engagement.


About Pinpoint HRM

Pinpoint are experts in the design and delivery of HR Tech projects and have been involved in over 800 Cloud HR projects since 2014.

Pinpoint HRM are experts in the design and delivery of HR technology projects that deliver real, quantifiable business outcomes. Pinpoint bring deep local expertise in the ANZ region helping organisations to prepare for, select, implement and optimise HR, Payroll and Workforce management systems. They have a range of offerings from advisory and implementation services, to change management and adoption.

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