In simple terms, employee onboarding is the process through which new employees are initiated into the company and their job roles. This process includes training sessions, mentoring programs, and interactive meetings.

At the end of the onboarding process, the employee is expected to have the skills required to take on the job, knowledge about the organization and the behavior expected from the employee. The onboarding process is extremely important because it determines how productive an employee will turn out to be in the future and ofcourse everyone wants a good employee!

This need makes the job of a manager for onboarding crucial. Therefore, it is essential to have an extremely efficient and capable person to handle the entire process – preferably independently.

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring An Onboarding Manager

According to an onboarding survey we conducted internally, here are 7 tips to hire the right person for your onboarding process, in the first go: 

1. Look for someone who is strong and professional

Being a strong individual is a necessary quality. This is because strong individuals are not afraid to try new things, they don’t fall into the emotional trap of negative comments and they are always ready to put their best foot forward regardless of the situations they are put in.

Additionally, having someone with a highly professional attitude is essential in order for employees to be handled well and treated properly.

2. Ensure that he/she has effective verbal and written communication skills

Having strong verbal and written skills is extremely important. It is absolutely essential for the manager to be able to communicate efficiently with the newly hired employees in order for the training and initiation process to take place successfully.

It would be a good idea to test your potential onboarding manager’s written and verbal skills before taking him onboard.   

3. Enthusiasm and open-mindedness should come naturally to him/her

An enthusiastic onboarding manager during the entire training and initiation process will result in enthusiastic new employees. It will make enthusiasm and the eagerness to work an integral part of the business environment.

The manager also needs to be able to accept new thoughts and ideas in order to ensure the training and initiation process is the best it can be. Therefore, recruiting an open minded individual for the job of onboarding manager is absolutely essential.

4. Look for someone positive and motivating

Since this is the person that is going to be in charge of all the newly recruited employees and the training and initiation process, it is essential for him/her to be able to motivate the employees – in the right direction. 

Being positive and radiating positivity in the workplace makes it a better work environment for both the new and old employees. When it comes to newly recruited employees, motivation is crucial in order for them to be able to deliver the best possible output. Always look for people who can motivate your team!  

5. Make sure he/she adapts well to change

In the fast paced world we live in, technology changes every single day. Similarly, methods in business and training change in correlation to the changes in technology. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have someone who adapts well to change.

Only then will he/she be able to train the new employees and manage the old one’s efficiently in order generate the best outputs by utilizing all the new resources available.

6. Efficiency is the key to success. Make sure he/she can handle projects and business analysis

The higher the efficiency, the more work can be done in a certain span of time and therefore, it will lead to higher profits for the company. Having a manager who is able to manage projects, apart from taking care of the onboarding process; analyze and evaluate new employees as well as analyze the business efficiently is extremely important.

Someone who can do all of this without wasting much time will lead to high gains for the company. Therefore have an efficient person onboard to take care of the execution of employee onboarding best practices. 

7. The ability to take feedback as constructive criticism

It is extremely important to hire a manager who is open to feedback and uses any feedback as constructive criticism in order to improve his methods and help the organization function better.

The ability to take feedback as a means to improve oneself instead of taking it personally as an insult is extremely difficult to find in people these days. Only high-stress situations can reveal the true nature of the person and hence it is difficult to find a person who can handle onboarding easily. So, make the hiring process for this position intense in order for you to hire the right person.

Every company has their own requirements and specifications when it comes to hiring someone new. But regardless of the differences in the requirements, these 7 tips are bound to assist you in getting onboard a person that compliments your entire onboarding process.  

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