Digital Adoption Solutions
is recognized by Gartner as a New Category

Khadim Batti, 

CEO & Co-Founder – WhatFix



Digital Adoption Solutions is recognized officially as a new category of software for enterprises by Gartner Report, Increase Sales Productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions. Whatfix pioneered and leads this new category. Enterprises have deployed hundreds of applications that offer thousands of features. However, while these applications solve point problems, they are “hard to use”, overwhelm users and hence remain vastly under-utilized. On average, enterprise apps are used by only 15% of total users in the first year of deployment, leading to a glaring Adoption Gap (viz. 85%). This Adoption Gap limits the ROI from enterprise digital transformation programs and provides poor employee and customer experience. Worse still, this Adoption Gap widens over time, as users fall back into their old ways of using manual processes and deploying workarounds.


Enterprises have tried traditional approaches to bridge the Adoption Gap, i.e. instructor-led classroom training, virtual onboarding by customer success agents, publishing product guides, pre-recording learning courses, knowledge bases, in-app HelpTabs and Support Desk. Whatfix was the pioneer in realizing that while offering some value, traditional solutions could never be the complete solution, as they are time-consuming, expensive, one-off, hard to maintain, ignoring reinforcement learning needs of employees and not specific enough to users’ current needs.


In the report, Gartner defines Digital Adoption Solutions: “Digital Adoption Solutions are used to improve the adoption of multiple tools across the organization. The software walks a user through business processes across multiple products. It provides consistent user experience, eliminating in some cases manual entry. It supplies visually clear paths to complete tasks. It enables sellers to be onboarded faster and improve productivity. Sales is a key use case but this technology can apply to other areas in an organization as well as to external products sold by an organization.” (Source: Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions, Melissa Hilbert, May 21, 2019)


Whatfix’s “Aha” moment and how we discovered and designed DAS Category


Back in 2010, when the term “Digital Adoption Solutions” did not exist in enterprise software lexicon and other DAS players were not yet founded, our popular ”FixIt” button (the earliest version of the Whatfix platform under Quicko Technosoft Labs Private Limited) gave web developers interactive, on-screen guidance to fix specific website SEO issues in real-time, while contextually working inside their Content Management application and interacting with the website to assess post-fix behavior.


Our “Aha moment” was when we realized that in order to get users to adopt apps, they would need to see a Different Onboarding, Learning and Support Experience – one where Process Guidance is :


  • Contextual: specific to the user’s role, location, task and behavior within the application;
  • Interactive: hands-on learning by doing inside the application;
  • Real-time: at the exact time users are performing tasks or seeking guidance;
  • Progressive: providing users of varying skills and needs with guidance on information (i.e. “what is” the number of open leads in Salesforce), instruction (i.e. “how to” create an opportunity in Salesforce), validation (i.e. is the data/data format user entered correctly?)
  • Autonomous: auto executes tasks on behalf of the user (e.g. automatically completes navigation steps and only prompting the user for data entry step; chatbot asks user required information to create a new Contact in Salesforce when the user is offline and creates a new record on-behalf of the user)


Further, as users learn differently, this guidance must be translated and kept current in multiple formats such as slideshows, video, pdf, images, and web URLs. We also realized that the key to DAS adoption in Enterprises is to leverage their pre-existing investments in Learning Management Systems, Knowledge Bases, Product Analytics, Survey, and Chat tools. It must also be easy for Learning and Development managers and Application Administrators to create, publish and update content – across and in conjunction with other enterprise systems. Also, they should be able to get insights on what process is not being used, how valuable the guidance is in affecting user behavior and missing content that users want.

According to the Gartner Research, ”DAS will overlay a guided workflow to encourage users to execute tasks consistently and most efficiently. The analytics the solutions provide will enable sales enablement and sales operations to understand where users are struggling or abandoning the process. This will enable the process workflow to be altered and optimized for better performance. Solutions such as WalkMe and Whatfix provide interfaces that guide users. They provide validation and tips for end users, helping them through their daily tasks,” says Melissa Hilbert, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner Group in her recent seminal report, “Increase Sales productivity With Digital Adoption Solutions”, May 21, 2019.


These experiences and realizations were instrumental to my Co-Founder,  Vara Kumar and I, designing and creating Digital Adoption Solutions – an entirely new category of software that accelerates user adoption across enterprise applications, by providing contextual, interactive, real-time, progressive and autonomous process guidance, inside the application. Our beliefs about how software enables enterprises and users to achieve digital transformation have shaped our approach to designing this new category.


We believe and witness our customers believe, that:


  • Users have Multiple learning Formats and Channels: Some users like to “learn by doing”, others like to watch a video, play a slide-share, read a detailed product guide or scroll a web article. Some like a task-list they can work through, while others like to read first and then try to test their learning by doing later. Similarly, some users like to learn inside the application, while others prefer to learn outside in a Learning Management System, Knowledge Base, a PDF file on their desktop or in their favorite Video channel (e.g. YouTube). We believe that Digital Adoption Solutions should provide users, multiple formats and channels for receiving learning, training, and support.


  • Learning, Coaching and Training managers want a Single Source for Content: Managers responsible for creating content for learning and training do not want multiple sources of truth for content that they have to create and maintain separately. Creating content separately for use in each channel, reconciling the accuracy and currentness of content across different formats and channels adds to a lot of administrative burden. DAS should not add duplicative work in creating and maintaining learning content across various different methods and channels. DAS should provide a single layer for creating, auto distributing and maintaining the currentness of content everywhere.


  • Automation and Intelligence together Drive Maximum User Productivity: We believe that the combination of automation and intelligence together drives maximum advances in user productivity. DAS platforms should automatically understand the page or segment where the content is being created and shows it contextually without any configuration rules; they should automatically skip steps the user has previously completed; they should auto detect all properties of all Elements on the underlying page of the application so that integrity of guidance flow is not broken by Application UI changes.


  • Enterprises want an Open Ecosystem: We believe that each software can be the best at one thing. Given enterprise customers will deploy DAS in conjunction with analytics, chat, knowledge base, learning management systems and survey tools, we believe that DAS providers should foster an open ecosystem where they integrate with the best enterprise technologies.


Differentiated Enterprise Leader in the Digital Adoption Solution Category


A new category provides users multiple solution providers with very different approaches to solving their problems. Whatfix’s platform and solutions are highly differentiated for the Enterprise segment. Over 500 Enterprises, including 50 of the Fortune 500 have trusted Whatfix to be their reliable partner for enterprise-wide, cross-app deployment.


Whatfix is the ONLY DAS provider that provides:


    • Multi-Format Content:
      • Automatically converts flows created as overlays on top of applications, into multi-format content (i.e. slideshows, video, pdf, images, and URLs) and publishes it to LMS, Knowledge Bases and desktops;
      • Automatically updates previously generated and published multi-format in real-time – when the original base flow is altered using the Whatfix Editor.


    • Omni Channel Learning
      • No matter where your end users go for Learning and Support content – be it a Knowledge Base, a Learning Management system or their Desktop- they see a version of Whatfix that will then with one-click (on our “SEE IT LIVE” button) guide them back into the application to complete the walkthrough contextually and interactively in the app.


    • SCORM and xAPI compliant Content
      • First in the world to produce in-app process guidance that is Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant to enable best-in-class learning;
      • xAPI integration enables companies to track and measure online and offline learning to provide an elevated learning experience to employees.


    • Automatic Intelligent Segmentation
      • Automatically understands the page or segment (e.g. Leads in Salesforce) where the content is contextually relevant and should be shown; does not show Flows where they are not relevant (this is drastically different and vastly better than manually configuring this for each flow);
      • AutoSkip remembers the steps that the user already completed prior to exiting a Flow; when a user selects the same Flow again, it automatically skips prior steps and restarts the Flow on the last step.


    • Deep Element Detection
      • Out platform detects and recognizes each Element (e.g. a field) in each application deeply, such that UI level application changes don’t break our guidance Flows, preserving user experience and accelerating adoption;
      • For common 3rd party apps (e.g. Salesforce, Workday) our platform recognizes all HTML and code properties for every Element; for custom apps, we provide a configuration option for Flow authors to determine which elements to trust, when and how much to trust in response to any UI level changes.


    • Content Aggregation across Information Sources
      • Our Deep Crawling technology makes any knowledge base, any web-based content and any inside-document (e.g. MS Word, PDF, Power-point) content searchable inside the App contextually within the application to provide users specific guidance. Our deep crawler results are superior results vs. public search indexing type approaches.


    • Easiest to Use platform
      • Start building Flows on day 1 without requiring any coding, technical skills or multi-week builder certification;
      • Provides In-place answers to “what is” questions with numerical responses using Self-Help (for e.g., “What is the number of Open Leads this month” in Salesforce; User gets BOT based Response in Self-Help widget = “70”).


    • Highest Enterprise Customer Satisfaction
      • High Performer in Satisfaction on the G2 Grid for Digital Adoption Platforms for the Enterprise segment, with the highest score for Customer Satisfaction. Our amazing, white-glove customer team responds in minutes and will delight you.
    • Highest Number (50+) of Open Ecosystem integrations



Maintaining Leadership in Customer Satisfaction while Growing Rapidly


At Whatfix, we believe that our differentiated platform (which has been and remains a core focus), industry-leading customer satisfaction, and expanding foot-print of applications in a customer portfolio (often WhatFix is deployed in up to 5 or more applications at a single customer)- will power us to dominant market presence. While we feel excited about our 500 enterprise customers, what is really worth highlighting is that we are adding 4 Fortune 500 customers per quarter. In addition, we are building a rich ecosystem of ISVs who integrate Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Solution into their SaaS applications and SIs/Consultants who build libraries of interactive learning flows/walk-throughs for clients to drive increased end customer adoption & retention and significantly reduce support costs. After achieving enterprise traction across North America and Asia, we decided to raise a Series B Funding Round to expand our footprint in Europe and Australia New Zealand; and round out our leadership team with key executive hires in Partnerships and Marketing. I am excited, more than ever, about our future growth opportunity.


As the new DAS category matures, it will dust-off other contenders that garnered some market presence early-on, but no longer have differentiated products and lag in providing customer satisfaction to Enterprises.


Digital Adoption Solutions offers significant value across the Enterprise


WhatFix customers typically report 45% reduction in Level 1 Support queries, 35% savings in training content creation costs, and a 25% reduction in employee knowledge discovery time – accelerating adoption! In addition to sales force operations, our customers have accelerated adoption across their human capital management, financials, procurement, contract management, B2C marketplace seller management, security and collaboration applications.


We were lucky to find progressive and industry-leading customers to build the DAS category and deliver customer value. Our customer base includes brand names like Cardinal Health Canada, CNA Financial Corporation, BMC Software Inc., Sophos Group Plc, ManpowerGroup NL, Experian, Radisson Hotels and many more. I am sharing a few testimonials from our customers to highlight the value DAS provide to enterprises:


  • Trotec Laser uses Whatfix to enable sales-reps to use Salesforce with in-app digital guidance: “It is very easy to create walkthroughs that guide users on our Salesforce CRM. Great admin backend. Whatfix’s analytics is a powerful tool to see the progress of the users and train them on point”, says Jeurgen Bonifath, CRM Specialist at Trotec Laser.


  • Corrigo uses Whatfix to onboard and train users and customers on its Facilities Management Solution. “Whatfix has helped me tremendously in my job! Its ease of use and implementation, and the ability to customize the appearance of Whatfix have been very valuable for us. Our customers use Whatfix self-sufficiently without needing to call our customer service,” says Scott Mandery – Training & Content Development Manager, Corrigo.


  • PlanetHS reduces training overhead and widens reach with Whatfix’s interactive training and guidance: “We had an “aha” moment during the Whatfix demo when we saw the automatic video and pdf generation of the walkthroughs! We were trying to play it cool but we were blown away with the possibilities of what we could do with Whatfix for our customers. And, it’s been amazing!”, Melissa Ochs, Training Manager, PlanetHS.


Our key Partners on our journey to DAS leadership include ISVs like iCertis, BMC, GEP, Bullhorn, Riversand, Infosys Finacle; and Learning Consultants & Global SIs like Wipro Technologies, Infosys, Deloitte, Rizing, Maverick, GP Strategies, IT Convergence, Inoapps, SCC, Can!Do, Altron Bytes, TalentPeaks, Becketal, and Globesoft . I am sharing a few testimonials from partners below to highlight the mutual value we created :


  • Wipro uses Whatfix to drive sales efficiency across various sales applications: “Sales reps use many applications and we were looking for ways to make it easy for them to use those effectively. Whatfix has helped us deliver the true value of integrated CRM, KB and Sales Portal systems to users and experience its positive impact on sales.”, says Swarup Shastri, General Manager & Group Head- Global Sales Enablement, Wipro.


  • Icertis ships WhatFix in conjunction with its contract management platform: “User adoption is key to the success of enterprise-wide software deployments and we designed the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to be extremely easy to use. Further, we seamlessly integrate with Whatfix so ICM users receive real-time training that is continuous and contextual. Whether new, infrequent or power users, the combination of Icertis and Whatfix delivers an easy, world-class user experience and reduces time to value for our customers.” Peter Boit, EVP, Business Development, iCertis.


  • Talents Peaks upsells Whatfix to accelerate time-to-value for its customers: “Talent Peaks is focused on ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Whatfix has helped us greatly with that goal while helping us transition projects faster since Whatfix empowers users to use the application independently. Also, Whatfix is a very compelling and easy upsell opportunity for us in most accounts.” said Joram Timmerman, Managing Partner, Talent Peaks.


Whatfix is on a mission to make it easy for everyone to use technology to do the work they love. 


We grew our customer base by 400% last year because of our leadership in customer satisfaction


I want to thank all our customers, partners, employees and investors for their trust and collaboration and helping us to get to Enterprise leadership in Digital Adoption Solutions category.

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