The Secret To Lightning Experience Adoption

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In this webinar, we discuss the struggles that organizations often face with Salesforce Lightning user adoption because of resistance to change. We sat down with Chris Gardner who is a 24X salesforce certified Direction of Solution Services, Simplus to learn bout his Salesforce lightning experience and how he managed to overcome the adoption challenges.

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Let’s begin by setting a narrative of this webinar with a stat.
Whenever you roll an enterprise-level app, like Salesforce, you’re looking at an adoption rate of 15% as that’s the industry standard. Imagine 85% of your users not leveraging the huge investment you made on an app like Salesforce.
These numbers could definitely be painful for the organization that made the big investment.

In this webinar on “The Secret To Lightning Experience Adoption”, we sat down with Chris Gardner who is a 24X salesforce certified Direction of Solution Services, Simplus to discuss his Salesforce lightning experience.
Key Takeaways From the Webinar

  • How to focus on role level enhancements?
  • How to build a communication plan?
  • How to train and support your users?
Focus on role level enhancements

People in different roles expect different outcomes from a system and it needs to be optimized accordingly. Hence, it is crucial to figure out what is painful about the current system and any areas that are inefficient for a particular role. The best way to understand user pain points and inefficient areas are by Interviewing and Shadowing.

At Simplus, Chris conducted these interviewing and shadowing processes while the company was migrating to Lightning.

According to Chris, these were some pain points he came across for the CSR profile during the interview session –
Case layout not optimized for business process
Entering case time on every case involves several clicks and pages
Duplication of data

And in the shadowing session, Chris noticed that the CSR always had 20 or more tabs open making it difficult to navigate. This was primarily because the CSR wasn’t aware of the service console feature in Lightning and didn’t even realize that this was an issue until the shadowing session.

Shadowing sessions are very important to help you understand user pain points, even the ones that the user doesn’t even know about yet”, emphasized Chris.

Based on these sessions, Simplus was able to implement some of these changes and after about 6 months of transition to lightning, they experienced a huge increase in efficiency which directly related to their bottom line.

How Does Focusing on Role Level Enhancement Engage Users?

  • The effort to understand users shows dedication to their success
  • The organization learns to help their users to be productive
  • Organizations and users become a team working towards a common goal

Building a communication plan

Whenever an organization implements something new, it is the user’s natural tendency to resist the change. Change can be difficult but the impact can be reduced through communication.

We asked Chris about his communication plan to implement the at Simplus to which he explained –

It’s always good to prepare your communication with the stakeholders because then it becomes easier for people to adopt the change. Also, you need to set a cadence of communication to make sure people know what changes to expect. And make sure that this communication reaches the users by leveraging the applications they use the most. The key here is the messaging which needs to focus on making users understand the change and why is it important. Your message should be able to communicate the 5 Ws – What is the change, Why is it necessary, When should they expect the change, Who will be affected, and hoW will it change their work.

How Does Communication Engage Users?

  • People understand the 5 Ws of the change
  • Organizations can message the change as a way to make user life easy
  • Organizations can gain the trust of their teams

Train and Support your users

For successful adoption, organizations have to sell the value of the change and make it worth someone’s effort to make that change. And in order to do that, they need to make sure that users are well trained. To design successful training programs, the interviews and shadowing sessions can be leveraged and converted into training scripts. This training will help employees understand how change can make their life easier.

Training users on lightning can be challenging when they have been using Salesforce classic for a long time.

We asked Chris to shed some light on how his team conducted the training sessions at Simplus and this is what he had to say,

“We faced many problems while trying to train our users to migrate from classic to lightning and along the way, found some solutions that worked the best for us, like – scheduling multiple training sessions for people with very busy schedules, mapping common hacks to new features and layouts since a lot of people were already familiar with how things were in classic, shortening the learning curve by having executive alignment from top-down with clear messaging from all parties.”

How Does Training and Support Engage Users?

  • Builds excitement about the change
  • Helps showcase refined processes and improved experiences
  • Grain user trust by providing knowledge and support

Whatfix Accelerating Salesforce Lightning Adoption

Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform could be a solution to make your Salesforce Lightning training and adoption easier. As we discussed in this webinar, organizations often struggle with Salesforce Lightning user adoption since it has a lot of features that can overwhelm the users. Whatfix Digital Adoption Solutions enables on-demand task-based training and learning in the flow of work that accelerates Salesforce adoption. Whatfix helps reduce the number of support queries and overall cost of application. All this is achieved by bringing highly relevant information inside the application making it contextual based and interactive according to the user profile.

So these were some of the key takeaways from the webinar. In case you missed our webinar or want a more extensive understanding of how Whatfix accelerates Salesforce adoption, you can simply register for our on-demand webinar recording.


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