Whatfix Accelerates Sales Ramp Up Time Using In-App Training

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In this webinar, we’ll discuss sales ramp-up time challenges and how investing in a Digital Adoption Platform can help the global ecosystem overcome these challenges to accelerate end-user adoption and elevate user experience.

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Whatfix Accelerates Sales Ramp Up Time Using In-App Training

Only 37% of the sales reps time is actually spent on selling. 

Talking about the ramp-up time in general, one of the key challenges that sales leaders face globally is the increased ramp up time. The training processes can be overwhelming which is why the ramp-up time remains a common challenge for leaders.

What makes sales ramp up challenging?

  • Unrealistic expectations from salespeople to start selling immediately
  • Accelerated training timelines
  • Complex processes and technology
  • No measurement of training impact
  • Ineffective and outdated training materials

Let’s take Salesforce as an example. Training materials for a complex application like Salesforce should always be up to date and on point since things change really fast in a CRM system and there are hundreds of processes a user interacts with. Hence, there’s a lot to learn before a user can be considered proficient in Salesforce.

Traditional onboarding methods like classroom training are not very effective since 90% of the knowledge is lost or forgotten within a week. The research on the forgetting curve suggests that 50% of the information that was presented gets lost in an hour of it being presented and users tend to forget about 70% of it in 24 hours.

Also, the documentation discovery has become so time-consuming because of the volume of content and collaterals available for sales reps that 30% of a typical working day is spent on knowledge discovery.

Typical models like the 70-20-10 model of learning, talk about how learning is so personal on an individual level, and how 70% of learning is experiential. The outcomes are so different when learning is done by doing the work practically as opposed to the traditional methods.

How is the global ecosystem solving these challenges?

The most reliable solution to the ramp-up time challenges is a Digital Adoption Platform, which is actually being used by the fortune 500 to global 10 thousand as one of the ways to solve their adoption challenges at scale. The Digital Adoption Solutions act as an overlay technology that runs on top of any software application by offering in-app real-time contextual guidance. The self-help widget is available for the learners at all times to help them find quicker and easier resolutions to their problems. All these features form a vital part of the application experience and are prevalent throughout the sales reps’ journey.

Challenges faced by Experian

According to Lee Glenn, these were some major challenges faced by Experian while making their users understand how to use Salesforce the Experian way.

  • Heavily customized CRM
  • Migration from classic to lightning
  • 3000 + global users and 4 product trainers
  • ‘How To’ emphasis imparted via traditional methods
  • De-centralized access to knowledge

The Whatfix Solution

Experian formed a really strong partnership with Whatfix and established a training network to get their users more engaged. They identified the most responsive regional sales support people and their best users of Salesforce who could deliver localized orientation sessions to the masses very well because they knew those people. The first thing covered in these sessions was the Whatfix self-help widget. Since Whatfix for there to provide self-help and how-to training to the users, there was no need for the Experian training team to create a mountain of the videos and documents. Instead, they just created Whatfix flows specifically for Salesforce Lightning.

Also, Whatfix helped create a custom welcome app for the Day Zero launch. This included the new features video, flows focused on basic Salesforce Lightning navigation, and an FAQ document.

Now in case someone new joined in the middle of this migration, they still needed to understand the importance of using Salesforce the Experian way, which is why they needed to be provided with a lightning version of the onboarding course. Hence, the team built a new lightning route and connected it back into their existing onboarding course.

According to Lee, the Experian team used Whatfix to make better use of their time, building interactive and experiential training for their users. Any sudden changes to processes could easily be updated, ending the big headaches of recreating or replacing video sections. Hence, their training is now always up to date and contextual as well. Experian currently has over 200 flows, supporting its users across both classic and lightning interfaces.

Introducing Whatfix on-screen guidance technology brought massive benefits to Experian, ensuring that the users get to choose what they want to learn when it’s relevant to them. If your organization is also facing similar challenges, it is the right time to invest in a Digital Adoption Platform like Whatfix to accelerate your end-user adoption and elevate user experience.

So these were some of the key takeaways from the webinar. In case you missed our webinar or want a more extensive understanding of how Whatfix accelerates sales ramp-up time using in-app training, you can simply register for our on-demand webinar recording by filling up the above form.

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