This is the first chapter of our ongoing series – Meet The Whatfix Team. At Whatfix, we love to work with talented people who contribute not only to growing our business, but also strive for a healthy work culture. Meet Whatfix’s first hire – Prakhar Jain.
Prakhar is Whatfix’s resident sales ninja and he is a vital part of the sales effort in the International markets. Since, he joined Whatfix, Prakhar has been able to generate sales and more importantly close them.
Coax him enough and he might share a sales secret or two from his expertise. Online marketing, email marketing, setting up customer funnel management and sales cycle from scratch, are his specialty.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I’m a sociable, tech savvy guy who loves mingling and meeting new people. Being able to hold a conversation is one of my biggest strengths. Prior to Whatfix, I worked with a couple of other startups who specialized in the hiring space like Recruiterbox and MyParichay.
Before stepping into the startup world, I did my PGDBM from Entrepreneurship Institute of India, Ahmedabad, from where I graduated as a gold medalist.

What do you do at Whatfix? 

I manage the business in the International markets. In layman terms, I sell Whatfix’s Enterprise Platform to people and businesses in the US and Europe. I believe that Whatfix is a solution that can completely revolutionize the traditional help & support systems and onboarding processes. There is great potential in the market for such an offering and I’m trying my best to help people realize it and use it to their benefit.
The best part about working at Whatfix is that there is nothing called Monday blues. I get up everyday motivated to come to work. I feel inspired because I truly love what I do!

What do you love about working at Whatfix?

Flexibility, adaptability, ownership of my work and a great team. I love the way Whatfix allows me to take responsibilities and have the freedom to do whatever it takes to do well. These in my opinion are the necessary ingredients for a great work culture.

What is the best memory or an unforgettable moment you have had so far at Whatfix? 

I have a few, but since I have to cite one, that would be the day when Khadim, our CoFounder, complimented me saying, “I want to write emails and give demos like you.” That was one of the proudest moment of my life. To have your company’s CoFounder commend your work is truly a marvelous feeling.

You have created a lot of flows on Whatfix. Tell us more about them?


Flows are Whatfix’s interactive guides. Find more about them, here.

I’m very proud of Whatfix Community.  I create flows not because I think I should, but because I know that it can help people with their queries on any website. I have created one on ‘How to find an email address of a person?‘, which is very useful to a lot of sales people like myself. The trick here is to find ‘a need’ in your network and the helpful flows create themselves.

What is your typical weekend like?

Weekends are fun. I normally take a break from work, socialize over drinks, and sometimes go for short trips with friends.
At times, I also conduct training sessions in certain B-schools on how to improve skills for interviews to crack a job offer. It mainly involves personality development training and career counselling.
As a person, I’m opinionated and a self-learner. Ethical and pragmatic. Also, a tad bit prejudiced for close friends. I’m the sort of person whose company you can totally love or completely hate for my practical ideas.

Think quick. Describe Whatfix in one word.

That was Prakhar Jain. We are always looking for talented Whatfix’ers to join our team. Interested in joining a talented team making the web interactive? Then check out our current openings ->> here
Don’t see a job that you’d be interested in listed? Then, send in your resumes to [email protected].

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