SAN JOSE, Calif.Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Whatfix, a leader in Digital Adoption Solutions (“DAS”), today announced the Whatfix Assist app for Microsoft Teams. Whatfix Assist is an in-app experience that combines search with collaborative capabilities to create seamless content accessibility and shareability. With Whatfix Assist, users can now search for any support content and share with other users all within Microsoft Teams.

With the rise of remote work, users working on collaborative projects face challenges relating to searching and quickly accessing important and helpful information. Project documentation, support articles, design briefs and other vital content may reside in multiple formats and silos across the enterprise.

Whatfix Assist aggregates distributed content from multiple repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, Atlassian Confluence and Salesforce Service Cloud, into a central location and enables users to search and share content with others. Users get access to vital content from within Microsoft Teams without the need to search and share from different locations. Whatfix Assist significantly reduces the time users spend on finding and sharing helpful content with support for static content such as text and PDF documents, as well as dynamic content such as Whatfix Flows. Whatfix is one of the first Digital Adoption Platforms on Microsoft AppSource to offer these capabilities as an app exclusively for Microsoft Teams.

“We take pride in providing our customers the tools they need to implement digital transformation in their organization,” said Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder, Whatfix. “Our Whatfix Assist app brings on-demand, self-help experience inside Microsoft Teams so that users can collaborate remotely without the growing pains associated with new technology adoption. Users now have the ability to remotely access information and on-demand help in a centralized location.”

“In the new normal of remote and hybrid work, the need to maintain business continuity through collaboration amongst distributed workforces has increased significantly. Whatfix Assist on Microsoft Teams empowers users with contextual, interactive and real-time self-help,” said Daniel Canning, Director, Microsoft Teams Marketing at Microsoft Corp.

Whatfix Assist is free to download for web and desktop versions of Microsoft Teams and can be found at Microsoft AppSource.

To learn more about Whatfix and its Digital Adoption Solutions platform, please visit

About Whatfix
Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution that disrupts Application Training, Learning, and Support content by providing Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time, and Autonomous user guidance – driving additional adoption and productivity gains. Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing employee case tickets by 50% and increasing application data accuracy by 20%. Whatfix is based in San JoseSan FranciscoLondonMelbourneSydney and Bangalore.

Media Contact
Frances Robinson
Lumina Communications for Whatfix
[email protected]

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