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Trying to Find the Best SAP Enable Now Competitor?

See why Whatfix is the best SAP EnableNow competitor to provide in-app training and performance support for SAP applications deployed within your org.

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The full suite of SAP software has over 200 million users worldwide. With such a massive user base and a deep portfolio of complex business solutions, SAP software training has become a prime use case for digital adoption platforms (DAPs). And that’s why SAP created SAP Enable Now, a digital adoption solution meant to help onboard SAP users and accelerate training.

SAP Enable Now might seem like your best DAP option if your organization has gone all-in on SAP software. However, you shouldn’t choose a digital adoption solution solely because it’s from the same brand as some of your other business software. Your search should also include some SAP Enable Now alternatives.

We compared SAP Enable Now features and pricing to five key competitors to make it easier for you to find the right user onboarding and employee training solution for your company’s needs.

About SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is a platform that helps organizations create, manage, and share training content for their internal business systems. Like competing DAPs, SAP Enable Now promises to improve employee productivity, drive user adoption for new products and features, accelerate time to value, and increase success rates for training programs.

SAP Enable Now Features

SAP Enable Now features aim to support digital transformation journeys for organizations that primarily use the SAP suite of enterprise applications. While the platform does support certain non-SAP software (like Office 365 applications), SAP primarily sells it as a training solution for its own tools.

There are four primary features that you get from SAP Enable Now:

  • Desktop assistant: Create guided, interactive tours for desktop applications. Categorize documents, courses, and tutorials in a self-help panel to enable training in the moment. And set blocking rules that ensure users complete training steps in the right order.
  • Web assistant: Enable in-app performance support for web-based applications like SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors. Use the assistant to display contextual tips and guidance within these environments. Draw from a library of custom content, pre-built SAP training content, and existing training materials from your on-premises storage.
  • Content producer: Author new training content within the web-based editor. Create various types of content, including slide decks with subtitles that support text-to-speech audio, mobile-friendly guides, and quizzes that support knowledge retention.
  • Content manager: Manage all of your content libraries in one centralized location and view usage reports for the Desktop Assistant. Integrate SAP Enable Now with SAP Solution Manager to pull in more training content, creating a searchable index of objects from all projects.

SAP Enable Now works mainly for desktop and web applications but can extend to mobile devices in certain cases. Even when guided learning isn’t natively available in mobile apps, employees can view content on mobile devices by scanning QR codes that you place in SAP applications.


SAP Enable Now Pricing

SAP offers both cloud-based and on-premises deployment options for Enable Now, neither of which have prices listed directly on the product page.

However, the SAP Store lists cloud-based SAP Enable Now at $11.00 per end-user per month to start. That means that a 200-user deployment would cost over $26,000 annually. Pre-user pricing starts to drop in tiers after 500 users. An 800-user deployment, for example, would cost over $85,000 annually.

The pricing for SAP Enable Now’s on-premises option is less clear. But generally speaking, you’ll have to consider the additional capital expenditures that come with on-premises equipment and ongoing maintenance.

5 SAP Enable Now Competitors

We compared five SAP Enable Now competitors and alternatives to help you decide which DAP is right for your business. Use the following information about Whatfix, WalkMe, AppLearn, Userlane, and Apty to simplify your search for a platform that supports user onboarding and product adoption needs.

SAP Enable Now Vs. Whatfix

Whatfix is a leading DAP alternative to SAP Enable Now that you can also deploy either in the cloud or on-premises. Each platform promises to accelerate user adoption of your SAP software investments. However, Whatfix offers a more complete and flexible set of DAP features that also extend to customer-facing product onboarding.

Why Choose Whatfix Over SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is largely meant to support SAP software, providing limited ability to support other enterprise training needs. Whatfix offers key differentiators that drive significant results for customers, including:

  • 25% to 37% increase in employee productivity
  • 2.5x to 3x faster time to proficiency
  • 50% to 84% reduction in training content creation costs
  • 45% to 60% reduction in support queries

Some of the key Whatfix differentiators compared to SAP Enable Now include:

  • Simpler content creation: Whatfix is a true no-code solution, requiring zero technical expertise for content creation. Compared to SAP Enable Now, which requires coding for certain customizations and application analysis to contextualize guides, Whatfix has a much shorter learning curve for content authors.
  • Adoption everywhere: Whatfix automatically generates multiple versions of content, making individual training materials available as in-app guides, slideshows, PDFs, videos, and more. The robust centralized management goes beyond SAP Enable Now’s capabilities, covering all of your knowledge bases, video repositories, and your LMS.
  • Flexible deployment model: Whatfix provides a more secure on-premises deployment option than SAP Enable Now, making it a better fit for companies with strict IT requirements. You can host Whatfix content locally on any server or content delivery network, or you can ship it along with an underlying application.
  • Open ecosystem: Whatfix exposes 50+ APIs to integrate with all applications/tools within your business. This includes deep integration with analytics platforms and single sign-on tools. If your training needs go beyond SAP software and Office 365 to include applications like Salesforce or ServiceNow, Whatfix is a better DAP option.

One other key differentiator for Whatfix over SAP Enable Now is the support factor. Whatfix is consistently rated as a customer service leader, giving users at companies of all sizes peace of mind as they encounter employee training challenges.


SAP Enable Now Vs. WalkMe

SAP Enable Now focuses on employee training, whereas WalkMe offers a wider range of features for employee training and customer-facing product adoption. If your company mainly uses SAP software, Enable Now might be the better option for you. And depending on your content creation needs, Enable Now and other walkme alternatives can be easier to use than WalkMe. But WalkMe offers many more tools for content creation, which are especially valuable for technical users.

SAP Enable Now Vs. AppLearn

SAP Enable Now and AppLearn are similarly focused on internal employee training at the enterprise level. When you use SAP Enable Now, you get more features for skills development beyond initial onboarding processes and greater content creation flexibility. But AppLearn is easier to use and can support employee training needs on any application or software.

SAP Enable Now Vs. Userlane

Like Whatfix and WalkMe, Userlane extends beyond the employee training capabilities of SAP Enable Now to support customer-facing product onboarding use cases. As internal authoring tools and content management platforms, SAP Enable Now is better suited for the enterprise level. It offers SCORM compliance and flexibility to support instructor-led training, self-guided learning, and ongoing support. Amongst other Userlane Alternatives, Userlane is easier to use and offers flexible pricing that’s attractive to smaller organizations.

SAP Enable Now Vs. Apty

Apty and SAP Enable Now offer similar in-app guidance and employee training features, but Apty also supports customer onboarding. SAP Enable Now’s integration with desktop and web applications and its support for in-person training content could make it a more attractive solution for certain use cases. But generally speaking, amongst all Apty alternatives Apty is easier to use, offers greater flexibility, and provides more robust analytics features.

SAP Enable Now Competitor Comparison Table
Product Features SAP Enable Now Whatfix Apty AppLearn
1 Create guided product tours for customer onboarding
2 Create guided walk-throughs for employee-facing applications
3 Leverage user segmentation to create walk-throughs for specific roles and personas
4 Develop task lists and knowledge-base resources to supplement walkthroughs
5 Directly integrate the platform with your LMS
6 Create pop-up tips to help with data entry or highlight new features
7 Include links in your pop-ups to internal content or external sites
8 Train users and gather insights on mobile applications
9 Train users and gather insights on web-based applications
10 Train employees to use major platforms like Salesforce and Workday
11 Automatically incorporate existing training content into your in-app self-help menu
12 Automatically generate content in multiple formats to suit different learning styles
13 Translate content into multiple languages to organize and manage rollouts across countries
14 Communicate directly with users via in-app messaging
15 Collect feedback from users with in-app surveys
16 Leverage usage analytics to see where people are encountering issues while using the product
17 Track the types of support queries users search for, and whether they find answers to their questions
18 Get recommendations for improving end-user experience based on how people interact with your product
19 Use the self-hosted option instead of cloud-based for added security

Whatfix: The More Flexible SAP Enable Now Competitor

SAP Enable Now might pitch itself as the best digital adoption solution for SAP software. However, plenty of SAP Enable Now competitors can drive SAP adoption while also improving employee training for a host of other software.

Whatfix is the best SAP Enable Now alternative for both SAP software training and broader training use cases because it offers more robust, flexible features to fit any employee training or customer onboarding situation.

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