16 Top Sales Training Programs for 2022

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Effective sales training has a direct impact on business results. Stronger sales training paves the way for better performance across organizations, and choosing the right sales training program makes all the difference.

Sales training programs allow sellers to develop the necessary skills they need to efficiently utilize sales tools, effectively navigate the sales cycle, and provide an exceptional customer experience. 

In this article, we’ll review tips for choosing a sales training program for your sales team and the top sales training programs to consider in 2022.

Top Sales Training Programs for 2022

  1. Hubspot
  2. Smart Calling College
  3. ASLAN Training & Development
  4. IMPACT Sales Team Training
  5. Pearl Lemon Sales
  6. GoSkills
  7. Dale Carnegie
  8. Franklin Covey
  9. New Velocity
  10. RAIN’s Consultive Selling
  11. Northwestern’s The Art of Sales
  12. Value Selling Associate’s VallueSelling Framework
  13. Sandler Training’s Sales Mastery
  14. Richardson’s Sprint Selling
  15. Winning By Design’s Remote Selling
  16. Factor 8’s Sales Bar

3 Tips for Choosing a Sales Training Program

If you’re unsure of which training program is right for your business, consider these 3 tips to help you choose:

1. Create a committee

Sales training programs only work when there’s buy-in from multiple stakeholders. So why not involve them in the decision-making process. Include members who understand your business goals and the current state of your sales team since the solutions are designed to impact the bottom line and influence seller behavior.

2. Research sales training companies

Once you reach a consensus on the areas of improvement and the business metrics that need to move up and to the right, look into sales training companies and narrow them down based on your needs. Look for:

  • Experience in the focus areas
  • Ability to customize solutions
  • Assessments, tests, and quizzes offered
  • Coaching and reinforcement strategy
  • Thought leadership content

3. Interview potential providers

Get in touch with sales training providers to understand their offerings better. Here are 5 things you should ask for: 

  • Opportunity to observe their training methodologies
  • Approach to customizing solutions for companies
  • Their USP compared to other competitors
  • Case studies of businesses like yours
  • Sales training formats offered

16 Best Sales Training Programs in 2022

We considered the following metrics to create the list of best sales training programs:

  • Location (Online or offline)
  • Focus
  • Price

Note: Some of these programs fall into more than one category so we’ll explicitly mention the intended audience for those. 


Here are the best inside sales training programs:


1. HubSpot

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Inbound sales methodology
  • Price: Free

Intended for sales teams and inbound marketers, Hubspot’s inbound sales course covers how to sell with integrity and explains the entire process from prospecting to developing personalized sales enablement decks.

2. Smart Calling College

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Sales calls
  • Price: $895 for the first attendee and $795 for every additional attendee from a company
  • Intended Audience: Inside or field sales professionals

The Smart Calling College program zeroes in on sales calls for reps that rely on it as their primary communication method. It teaches salespeople how to engage with buyers, resolve objections, book a follow-up call and add value to every interaction.


3. ASLAN Training & Development

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Driving receptivity
  • Price: Available on request

ASLAN Training creates hyper customized development plans for every organization. Their instructor-led workshops and digital learning modules help sellers train and complete necessary certifications. To ensure ongoing development, ASLAN focuses on sustainable tactics. 

P.S. ASLAN also offers a field sales training program.

Here are the best service sales training programs:

brooks group

4. IMPACT Sales Team Training

  • Location: Online, on-site or both
  • Focus: Varies
  • Price: Varies

Like ASLAN, The Brooks Group offers thoroughly customized solutions via its IMPACT program. They typically spend 3-12 weeks learning about your business through ride-alongs, field observations, account reviews, interviews, audits, and assessments but promise a permanent improvement.

pearl lemon sales

5. Pearl Lemon Sales

  • Location: Online, on-site or both
  • Focus: Helping field sales reps close deals in person and virtually
  • Price: Available on request

Pearl Lemon offers a bespoke training solution for field salespeople who need to pivot to a virtual setting by laying out a roadmap for a buyer-focused interaction. The program dives into the specifics of what managers and salespeople will learn before, during, and after each session and includes a long-term strategy.

Here are the best service sales training programs:


6. GoSkills

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Customer service to retain customers
  • Price: 7-day free trial. Available here

Of the many courses, GoSkills offers, the customer service training program is particularly beneficial to customer service reps. The self-paced course can be personalized and offers unlimited tests and quizzes. It helps reps understand the underlying psychology and create positive interactions as well as helps them develop loyal relationships with customers through empathy.

dale carnegie logo

7. Dale Carnegie

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Becoming a customer advocate
  • Price: $199

Dale Carnegie’s Attitudes for Service Workshop helps reps take 100% responsibility for themselves and the attitude they convey. Reps can learn how to maintain a friendly, low-pressure high service environment while making sure they’re productive and service-oriented. The course teaches participants how to incorporate the four drivers of customer service to build relationships, and apply attitude control principles and conversational language to keep the interactions low pressure.

Here are the best sales management training programs:

franklin covey logo

8. Franklin Covey

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Helps sales leaders boost their performance
  • Price: Available on request

Franklin Covey’s Sales Leader Base Camp work session helps leaders identify breakthrough potential, coach to results using G.R.O.W.®, a proven performance improvement methodology, and introduces the concept of effective time management. Franklin Covey’s seasoned sales coaches work directly with sales leaders to implement processes and help leaders upgrade their own skills.

new velocity logo

9. New Velocity

  • Location: Online
  • Focus: Help new leaders gather expertise
  • Price: Available on request

New Velocity has two courses to enable sales leadership development—managerial courage and Sales and Leadership Development Accelerator Series. Both these courses are designed for leaders who were earlier salespeople and need to develop the skills needed to lead, hire, manage, coach, and train others.

7 other courses you should check out

There is a course out there for each area of improvement you’ve defined. So if the list above doesn’t meet your needs, here are 10 more training programs you can consider: 

  1. RAIN’s Consultative Selling
  2. Northwestern’s The Art of Sales
  3. Value Selling Associate’s ValueSelling Framework
  4. Sandler Training’s Sales Mastery
  5. Richardson’s Sprint Selling
  6. Winning By Design’s Remote Selling
  7. Factor 8’s Sales Bar
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Bonus Recommendations from Sales Experts

Virtual selling became the norm during the pandemic but it isn’t going anywhere.

sam sales

Many sellers have embraced technology like sales enablement and sales intelligence tools. These platforms often also offer sales training since that is a key part of meeting quota and consistently driving more sales. 

Sarah Ichord, Dialpad’s Sales Enablement Program Manager, shares her tech stack for sales training: 

  • A modern SaaS-based phone system like Dialpad that enables your managers to coach their reps from anywhere, transcribes all calls, and is natively integrated into your CRM so all call insights are logged to a prospect record. 
  • Learning Management Systems like HighSpot to host all virtual led training
  • Video recording tools like Loom to record video walkthroughs of a process or to showcase features/tool capabilities.
  • Game-based learning platforms like Kahoot – to reinforce learning in an interactive way

Andrew Monaghan, Founder & CEO of Unstoppable.do has some unconventional tools to recommend:

  • Mural.co – great for virtual collaboration and workshops.  Best way to get trainees involved and collaborate in the training
  • Zipmessage.com – awesome for doing 1 to 1 coaching of trainees, asynchronously.  We use this a lot.
  • Gong.io – great source of real conversations that the sales reps are having to show them what needs to improve but also to coach them on how to get better.
Empower your sales training with Whatfix

The difference between companies seeing results from sales training and those that don’t boils down to one thing—effectiveness.

Training is meaningless if it’s reinforced often and when needed. 

What you need is a digital transformation platform like Whatfix. You can guide, train, and support your sales teams as they navigate the CRM, CPQ, and CLM platforms in 3 simple ways: 

  • Create and update sales training content directly into your app without writing any code
  • Create a self-sufficient workspace with contextual help embedded directly into the apps you use
  • Use in-app checklists to kickstart onboarding and training and monitor employee progress.

With Whatfix, businesses have seen a 1.25x increase in productivity, a 45% reduction in support queries, and an 84% reduction in training content creation costs. 

For anyone deterred by the cost of ongoing sales training ending in negligible results, platforms like Whatfix help you see training as the opportunity it is to drive a high ROI instead of viewing it as a cost center.

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