12 Best Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software in 2023

SOP software

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step-by-step instructions to guide employees through routine tasks effectively and productively. These documents can range from HR guides on the employee onboarding process to sales docs covering basic CRM tasks and workflows – and everything in between.

To assist organizational leaders, there are SOP software solutions that empower professionals with the tools to document, record, and distribute SOPs into simple checklists and other forms of process documentation

In this article, we explore the best features to look for in an SOP software provider, as well as the top SOP software solutions available in the market.

What Are the Best SOP Software Tools in 2023?

  1. SweetProcess
  2. Trainual
  3. ProcedureFlow
  4. Process Street
  5. Scribe
  6. Method Grid
  7. Lean Power
  8. JobRouter
  9. ProcessKit
  10. Way We Do
  11. EtQ
  12. Dozuki

Features of SOP Software

Effective SOP software provides employees support that improves their baseline performance with accessible, organized procedural documentation. To be considered a standard operating procedure software, a tool must be able to perform the following basic SOP features and tasks:

1. Sharing and permissions

To ensure effective team collaboration, it is important that everyone involved in a project or in an organization has the required access to any important or relevant procedural guides. SOP software enables quality collaboration by providing access and sharing privileges to all members while keeping confidential documents locked from unauthorized access.

2. Centralized hub for processes and procedures

Effective SOP software includes a centralized hub that enables all your employees to easily access, search, and find updated documents in one single place. This reduces information clutter and ensures that employees find what they need whenever they need it. This hub validates the information in the eyes of employee, allowing SOPs to carry more weight.

3. Employee training and certification

For SOPs to be effective for any organization, it is important that employees actually read and understand the SOP material. SOP software includes a training and certification module that automatically distributes materials to your employees and sends reminders in the case of non-completion. This provides managers with actionable insight and data in the aspect of non-compliance and rogue employees that may not be following guidance 

4. Approval workflows

When SOPs are created, they go through a QA process that gives them a stamp of approval before implementation. SOP software captures all the data regarding who approves what, so that there is a clear audit trail as to where the SOP came from and what conditions it applies to. This builds a culture of knowledge sharing, as all key discussions and information is transferred over the years so that they can be referenced for future concerns – even in the event of employee turnover. 

5. Process flow standardization and document control

SOP software standardizes your internal procedures and creates organization around how to create your SOP creation processes for every step of the document creation, refreshing, and auditing process. This allows for organizations to improve the way they create their SOPs, and lead to better, more effective documentation.

6. Free templates

Less a feature and more of a benefit, SOP solutions provide managers, trainers, and anyone creating process document with free SOP templates that have been proven to work with other organizations. These templates save time on document creation, standardize what SOPs look like, and allow SOP creators to simply fill in the different areas of the SOP.

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12 Best Standard Operating Procedure Software in 2023


1. SweetProcess

SweetProcess software simplifies the process of creating SOPs by enabling businesses to create a detailed checklist for workflows. It helps create effective SOPs with the inclusion of graphics and visuals. There is room for collaboration between team members as files can be easily created, shared, and accessed. It also allows users to set due dates for tasks and automate follow-up emails to act as a reminder for assigned workers as the due dates approach.

Features of SweetProcess include:

  • Document repetitive tasks in one place to reduce the number of emails and guesswork.
  • Create, share and ensure the correct adoption of your business policies.
  • Track the latest activity or look back in the history of any task or procedure.
  • Design visually appealing diagrams to bring your procedures to life.

Pricing: starts at $99/month


2. Trainual

With Trainual, every process, policy, and procedure for all the roles and responsibilities in your business can be easily documented and organized in one centralized dashboard. It enables easy employee onboarding and compliance training, seamless task delegation, consistent processes, and increased employee accountability.

Features of Trainual:

  • Make your company knowledge instantly accessible, searchable, and trackable via Trainual’s apps, chrome extension, and web platform.
  • Create quicks tests to check if your team understands the SOPs.
  • Embed content such as videos, PDFs, and GIFs to make onboarding and training more engaging.
  • 150+ SOP templates for you to get started.

Pricing: $49/month


3. ProcedureFlow

ProcedureFlow empowers organizations to turn the most complicated information and processes into easy and intuitive documents that are simple to create, maintain and use. The software allows organizations to ditch long training manuals that aren’t readable and creates standard operating procedures that people actually enjoy using and are effective

Features of ProcedureFlow:

  • Use small hyperlinked flowcharts to represent complex expert knowledge
  • User invites and permissions that are simple and intuitive
  • Promote social collaboration and sharing of best practices.
  • Run quick reports to monitor employee engagement and coach employees who are falling behind.

Pricing: starts at $20 per user per month

4. Process Street

Process Street is a simple and free SOP software used by organizations to create, track, and manage effective business processes. It enables teams to share core processes and transform them into powerful no-code workflows.  It also makes provision for team collaboration, control permissions, and integrations, among other things, for improved workflow.

Features of Process Street:

  • Integration with over 1000+ apps
  • Use (free) pages to capture, organize and share your established team knowledge.
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop options make it user-friendly.
  • Track activity from the dashboard and get notified when tasks are done.
  • Streamline any process that needs authorization by another person. You can create a single instance, multi-stage or sequential approvals.

Pricing: starts at $12.50 per user per month


5. Scribe

Scribe makes the SOP creation process fast and easy for any digital process. Simply click “record” in the Chrome extension or desktop app, complete your operating procedure, then Scribe converts your clicks and keyboard strokes into written instructions and screenshots.

Scribes can be shared with select teams or individuals and can be updated by their owner at any time with real-time change updating for anyone with access to the SOP. Scribes can be embedded or linked to in any knowledge base, wiki, or CMS.

Features of Scribe:

  • Automated SOP creation
  • Screenshot modification and redaction
  • Track SOP views and usage across teams
  • Embeddable via iframes
  • Instantly update SOPs

Pricing: Scribe is free with feature limitations, $29/month for full features

Method Grid

6. Method Grid

Method Grid is an integrated, enterprise-level quality assurance platform that offers a unique combination of knowledge management, complex project assurance, and task management, alongside an easy-to-use and highly configurable dashboard UI. Organizations use this software to meet compliance, increase operational efficiencies, and retain knowledge across diverse teams and complex projects.

Features of Method Grid:

  • A unique integration of knowledge management, task management, and assurance-audit features
  • Visually engaging, easy access to assurance references, guidance, tools, and templates
  • Manage, track and assure service delivery across busy project portfolios
  • Compliance activity tracking
  • Partners with quality infrastructure partners to ensure 100% availability, solid security features, and reliable content backups.

Pricing: Free basic plan


7. Lean Power

Lean Power’s SOP software is designed to help the back office planners and workers in the field to plan, convert, execute, and manage its workloads accurately and efficiently. The software quickly converts paper & PDF procedures into dynamic computer-based procedures. Lean Power supports the entire dynamic procedures lifecycle including creation, planning, execution, and record management.

Features of Lean Power:

  • Reduce onboarding time by importing existing procedures and vendor manuals with the intelligent procedures converter.
  • Create intuitive work instructions with detailed steps, photos, videos, and useful reference material. 
  • Use the Dynamic Procedures mobile app to execute work order procedures in the field quickly and easily. 
  • Real-time monitoring of work execution at each step of the work instructions.

Pricing: N/A – contact for a custom quote


8. JobRouter

JobRouter is a powerful and flexible low-code digitalization platform. It empowers companies to digitalize and automate any business process. It manages the entire lifecycle of documents including creation, editing, approval, release, distribution, and refreshing. The software integrates seamlessly into existing software systems and applications, and helps extend their capabilities. It connects with existing systems to export, process, archive, or pass on data and documents and to initiate new processes.

Features of JobRouter:

  • The intuitive low-code approach gives you the opportunity to define and design business processes or workflows even without any programming knowledge. 
  • Digitalizes and automates workflows
  • Process overview and process incident tracking
  • Graphical process design

Pricing: N/A – contact for a custom quote


9. ProcessKit

ProcessKit’s SOP software brings your organization’s operating procedures together with the projects so that your teams can automate and streamline recurring tasks, track progress, and scale operations. The software enables you to build powerful automation, integrate with 1000+ tools using Zapier, and make your business a more predictable, scalable, and efficient operation. 

Features of ProcessKit:

  • Offers ready-made process templates
  • Build-in conditional logic, input forms, and automation.
  • Automatically delegate tasks to your team.
  • Automate your customer onboarding.

Pricing: $49/month

Way We Do

10. Way We Do

Way We Do is a cloud-based SOP software that helps businesses transform policies and procedures into active workflows for seamless business operations. The software offers activated checklists and SOP templates to help you easily create operations policies and guide employees in executing their daily tasks.

Features of Way We Do

  • Activated checklists for all your repeatable processes
  • Set automated task reminders for important procedures
  • Track and monitor responsibilities with the software’s dashboard
  • Easily assign and schedule recurring tasks for each organizational role 
  • Create a personalized experience and simplified workflow for each user

Pricing: $25 per month per user


11. EtQ

EtQ’s SOP software is used in simplifying comprehensive workflows. It serves as a guide for organizations in creating, storing, approving, and distributing controlled documents. With ETQ, organizations are able to monitor business proceedings and produce more qualitative results.

Features of EtQ include:

  • Create unlimited workflows to route documents through review and approval processes
  • Promotes employee training
  • Create, import, distribute and archive all controlled documents in a centralized, secure location
  • Promotes efficient collaboration

Pricing: N/A – contact for a custom quote

12. Dozuki

Dozuki is an SOP software that gives companies a standard for creating, improving, and managing workflow. The SOP enhances collaborative efforts among teams and easily generates online documentation with visuals that make it easy to read and understand.

Features of Dozuki include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • View information in real-time to resolve issues quickly and follow efficiency gains
  • Once a process is approved, sharing across teams, shifts, and locations is just one click away
  • Turn your documented procedures into a training program for standardizing employee instruction across teams
  • Shows a complete history of content edits, both approved and denied

Pricing: starts @ $199/month

How to Choose the Right SOP Solution for Your Organization’s Needs

Depending on your industry, team, and needs, you should research and choose the SOP software vendor that is best suited to improve your work processes, employee training, and achieve quality deliverables. 

We also recommend adding additional software tools to assist and empower your employees with better onboarding, training, and on-demand support.

Use Whatfix DAP to create no-code training and support content directly in your digital applications such as interactive flows, app tours, task lists, tooltips, and more – while also embedding contextual links to your SOPs.

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